Beaver Creek Software was founded in Corvallis, Oregon in June of 1988 by Peter Gysegem, now President and CEO of the company. Originally named Yarrow Data Systems, the company created the first version of The THERAPIST as a DOS program in 1989 and the product was sold under the name Beaver Creek Software starting in 1991.

Also in 1991, Yarrow Data Systems wrote the original version of the Gymnastics ScoreKeeper as a donation to the women's gymnastics program at Oregon State University. As visiting schools saw the results generated by the program and the speed with which they were available, they asked to purchase the program. Today, the Gymnastics ScoreKeeper is the country's leading collegiate gymnastics scoring software. ScoreKeeper is required by the NCAA for all women's regional and national championship meets.

In 1993, Yarrow Data Systems was incorporated and in 1996, the corporation officially changed its name to Beaver Creek Software Corp. and moved to its present location in Corvallis.

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