Gymnastics ScoreKeeper Features


ScoreKeeper is a powerful yet easy-to-use program for men's and women's gymnastics.

  • Supports both men's and women's competitions
  • Supports women's rhythmic gymnastics meets
  • Supports 2-day meets where scores are carried over from the first day
  • Supports multiple home teams
  • Track current and past home team gymnasts
  • Tracks home team individual and team records
  • Meet reports show when a gymnast sets or ties personal or team records
  • Template and wizard driven meet setup

Meet Setup

To help set up a meet, ScoreKeeper prints lists and reports including two styles of judges' score slips, score inquiry forms and more. It even gives you a blank form you can use to collect judge names and ratings.

During and After the Meet

During the meet and afterwards ScoreKeeper prints a complete set of meet results for each event and all-around, team winners, gymnast scores by team, and, of course, the NCAA Score Sheet. ScoreKeeper not only prints this official form but we have greatly improved it. Our form includes the coaches' and judges' names printed below their signatures.

  • Enter scores on one central computer or at each head judge station
  • Prints results for each event
  • Prints preliminary and final all-around results
  • Prints the NCAA Score Sheet for Men and Women
  • Prints generic score sheets for Men and Women
  • Prints individual event results for individual, non-team, meets
  • Generate results web page "Live Stats" throughout the meet
  • Send scores and results to display scoreboards
  • Prints championships draw slips (used to select lineup orders for team and individual finals)

Data entry is fast and simple. ScoreKeeper easily keeps up with the frantic pace of national competitions entering scores for multiple events and judges. It smoothly handles individual and team neutral deductions. Try that by hand or with any other software!

Home Team Statistics

Coaches love this program. It gives clear reports with the facts and figures coaches need to track a team's performance. You can see how each gymnast performs at each meet. You can watch how the team improves on each event as the season progresses.

  • Prints home team statistics by event
  • Prints home team statistics by gymnast
  • Calculates and prints regional qualifying team scores
  • Calculates and prints regional qualifying scores for each event
  • Calculates and prints regional qualifying scores for all-arounders
  • Generates a home team statistics web page
  • Generates a home team honor roll web page for all men's and women's home teams

Electronic Scoreboards

Have a display scoreboard? ScoreKeeper can output up-to-the-second scores as well as final results so your fans really know what's going on.

  • Big screen televisions and projectors
  • Daktronics scoreboards
  • White Way Sign Company scoreboards
  • Elite Technologies scoreboards and data input systems
  • Video capture display boards

Flasher Displays


If you have (or want to have) an Internet Web Site for your team, program or department, ScoreKeeper can generate a web page for every meet. The page will show the meet name, date, and attendance information, plus a complete listing of results. Team and individual events are listed. Click here to see a sample.

Fans love stats. ScoreKeeper can generate a web page of statistics for the current season. Click here to see a sample home team stats page and click here to see the home team honor roll page that can be for one school or an entire conference (multiple home teams).