ScoreKeeper News Newsletter Archive

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The ScoreKeeper News email newsletter has been published since November 1, 2004 corresponding to release 1.1.000 of the Gymnastics ScoreKeeper for Windows.

Things changed with volume 18 corresponding to the release of 2.0.018. With The THERAPIST being split into two products (Pro and EZ), the newsletter now has less focus on listing the changes for each new release. Actually, the changes are no longer listed at all and are replaced with links to the change lists for Pro and for EZ on this web site. We removed the version changes from newsletters here and suggest you click here if you want to see what was fixed or improved in each version and release.

Some of the information in the articles may be outdated; this is, after all, an archive. Also, note that some numbering is not consecutive. Skipped numbers represent notices sent but with no informational content other than the update notice itself, content too uninteresting to include here.

Newsletter  Contents
 Volume 46 12/18/2014   Problems Downloading Troester Data
 Volume 45 11/17/2014   Video, Video, Video
 Volume 42 4/4/2013   Useful Shortcuts
 Volume 36 1/19/2012   Use the Tool Bar to Save Time
 Volume 35 3/19/2012   Scoreboards
 Volume 34 1/19/2012   Setting Up Email
 Volume 33 12/7/2011   Using the New Chat Feature
 Volume 32 11/12/2011   Submitting Meet Results to Troester
 Volume 30 10/4/2010   New Video Displays
 Twitter Update
 Reports New and Changed
 Volume 25 10/20/2009   FIG Scoring for Men's Gymnastics
 Sending Tweets to Twitter®
 Enhanced Meet Web Pages
 Volume 23 1/19/2009   Clearing Flasher Board Displays
 Volume 22 10/31/2008   New Features in ScoreKeeper 2009
 Volume 20 3/7/2008   New Upgrade Policy and Prices - Reminder
 Volume 19 1/29/2008   New Upgrade Policy and Prices
 Volume 18 1/17/2008   Regional Qualifying Score Report
 Getting Your Away Meet Results the Easy Way
 Volume 17 12/3/2007   Open Scoring for Men's Gymnastics
 Volume 16 3/26/2007   Team Neutral Deductions
 Volume 15 1/23/2007   Sending Results to Adobe® Acrobat® Files
 Volume 14 12/28/2006   New Version Numbering
 New Features in ScoreKeeper 2007
  - Regional Qualifying Score Sheet Report
  - Newspaper Meet Results
  - Automatic Network Updates
  - New Troubleshooting Section in the Manual
 Volume 13 4/5/2006   Connecting to Scoreboards
 Volume 12 3/17/2006   Checking for ScoreKeeper Updates
 Scoreboard Question
 Volume 11 2/14/2006   Creating Meet Templates
 ScoreKeeper Flasher Update
 Volume 10 1/18/2006   Using ScoreKeeper Flasher Scoreboards
 Volume 9 1/10/2006   Web Page Setup
 Volume 8 11/15/2005   Testing Your Scoreboard
 Volume 7 10/24/2005   Important New Features in Version 1.2
 Starting a New Season for Your Home Team
 Volume 6 1/20/2005   Upload Meet Web Pages with FTP
 Volume 5 9/2/2005   View Team Results While Entering Scores
 Volume 4 1/13/2005   Checking for Updates from the Help Menu
 Copying a Team from Another Meet
 Volume 3 12/3/2004   Changing a Lineup During a Meet
 Volume 2 11/24/2004   ODBC Data Source Driver
 Volume 1 11/4/2004   Customizing Your Web Pages