The THERAPIST Feature Comparison

This chart compares three versions of The THERAPIST, Windows EZ, Windows Pro, and DOS.

NOTE: The THERAPIST for DOS is presented here for comparison. It is no longer available for purchase.


Patient Information

Patient database Yes Yes Yes
Couple and family patients No Yes No
Responsible parties 1 3 1
DSM-IV diagnosis style (mental health) Yes Yes Yes
Medical diagnosis style Yes Yes No
Alert messages per patient Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
User-defined fields 0 8 0
User-defined patient categories Unlimited Unlimited None


Insurance companies per patient Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Multiple authorizations per patient Yes Yes No
Authorize specific procedure codes Yes Yes No

Case Management

Treatment plans Yes Yes Yes
Treatment plan templates Yes Yes Yes
Progress notes Yes Yes Yes
Progress note templates Yes Yes Yes
Maintain multiple cases per patient No Yes1 No
Define problems, goals, and treatment modalities No Yes1 No
User-defined outcome measurements No Yes1 No
Attach progress note to service Yes Yes No
Medication tracking No Yes1 No
Treatment provider teams No Yes1 No


Services and payments Yes Yes Yes
Assign fees due to responsible party Yes Yes No
Assign fees due to insurance Yes Yes Yes
Tax fields and automatic tax calculations Yes Yes No
Memorized services per patient Unlimited Unlimited 1
Memorized services available to all patients Unlimited Unlimited None
Group therapy No Yes No
User-defined service categories Unlimited Unlimited None

Patient Statements

Print patient statements Yes Yes Yes
Separate statements for each responsible party No Yes No
Statements formatted for window envelopes Yes Yes Yes
Past-due aging Yes Yes Yes
Interest calculated Yes Yes No

Insurance Claims

Printed CMS-1500 (CMS-1500) insurance claims Yes Yes Yes
Align CMS-1500 (CMS-1500) claims on preprinted forms Yes Yes Yes7
Plain paper insurance claims Yes Yes Yes
Bill primary insurance payers Yes Yes Yes
Bill secondary insurance payers Yes Yes Yes
Bill third-party Insurance payers Yes Yes Yes

Electronic Insurance Claims

HIPAA Standard ANSI X12 837 Professional Claims No Yes No
National Standard Format (NSF) 3.01 No Yes Yes
CMS-1500 (CMS-1500) Print Image Yes Yes Yes
Submit directly to payers (Clearinghouse not required) No Yes No
Chiropractic electronic claims No Yes No
Ambulance electronic claims No Yes No


Patient face sheet report Yes Yes No
Payment receipt Yes Yes No
Form letters with merged data Yes Yes Yes
Mailing labels Yes Yes Yes
Deposit report Yes Yes Yes
Prints bank-ready deposit slips Yes Yes No
Built-in report writer No Yes No

Fee Schedules

Number of fee schedules available Unlimited Unlimited 3
Batch fee schedule updates Yes Yes No


Open item accounting Yes Yes Yes
Provider payroll report No Yes No
Payroll based on amount billed or collected N/A Yes N/A
Payroll based on billable hours or service units N/A Yes N/A
Payroll break levels (e.g. 70% of 1st $1000, 90% after) N/A Yes N/A

Appointment Scheduler

Appointment scheduling Yes2 Yes No
Patient appointments Yes Yes N/A
Group therapy appointments No Yes N/A
Non-patient appointments Yes Yes N/A
Other events Yes Yes N/A
View multiple provider's appointments at one time Yes Yes N/A
Appointment notes Yes Yes N/A
Appointment warnings (flag potential problems) Yes Yes N/A
Mark appointments as confirmed Yes Yes N/A
Generate service from appointment Yes Yes N/A
Recurring appointments Yes Yes N/A
Provider availability schedules Yes Yes N/A
Provider to-do lists Yes Yes N/A
Print daily and weekly schedules Yes Yes N/A


Date fields use popup calendar lookup Yes Yes No
Built-in backup and restore Yes Yes Yes
Substitute procedure and diagnosis codes for individual insurance carriers. No Yes No
Glossary of frequently used words and phrases No Yes No
Track primary care physicians No Yes No
Track referring physicians Yes Yes Yes
Track non-physician referral sources Yes Yes No

HIPAA compliant

Yes3 Yes No
Tutorials Printed Video None

Billing Service Features

Multiple separate practices (companies) Optional4 Optional4 No
Exchange data with a billing service Yes Yes Yes
Generate electronic claims for all practices at once No Yes N/A
Backup individual practices or all practices at once No Yes N/A


Password protected Yes Yes Yes
Individual passwords and security levels Yes Yes No
Track changes to critical files No Yes No

Program Access

Multiple therapists Unlimited Free Unlimited Free 99 Free
Multi-user networking Yes5 Yes5 No
Access data using 3rd party applications Yes6 Yes6 Via Export
Runs on Windows 95, 98, and ME Yes Yes Yes
Runs on Windows NT or XP Home Yes Yes Yes8
Runs on Windows 2000 or XP Professional Yes Yes Yes8
Ease of Use (Subjective: 1=unusable, 10=extremely easy) 8 7 9


Base price with one provider $599 $899 N/A
Price with two providers $599 $899 N/A
Price with five providers $599 $899 N/A
One provider with three network users $999 $1299 N/A


  1. With Case Manager add-on module.
  2. With the Appointment Scheduler add-on.
  3. HIPAA compliant but includes only CMS-1500 electronic insurance claims.
  4. One practice is included. Additional practice licenses extra (See Price List).
  5. One network user is included. Additional network users $200 each.
  6. Requires ODBC Data Source add-on (See Price List).
  7. Alignment is done by entering or modifying printer codes.
  8. Some features may not work on Windows NT, 2000, and XP.