Cannot Find

NOTE: Due to the ever-increasing compatibility problems with newer printers and newer versions of Windows it is strongly recommended that you upgrade to one of the Windows versions of The THERAPIST. Check out the comparison page to see what is the same and what is different. You can also download a free evaluation of either The THERAPIST EZ or The THERAPIST Pro or contact customer service to free evaluation CD.

When you install The THERAPIST you have the option of adding the program directlry to the path statement in AUTOEXEC.BAT and the default is to add to the path. If there is not already a path statement in AUTOEXEC.BAT, the installation program will add one. One of two problems with the path statement is causing the error.

  1. The first is that Windows 98, unlike Windows 95, requires that if there is a path statement, Windows must be on it.
  2. If a space character is present in an extisting path statement, it can result in a extra space once the installation program adds to the path. Unfortunately, the operating system sees this space as the end of the path statement so anything that appears after it is ignored.

The solution to either is to manually correct the path statement in AUTOEXEC.BAT. Unfortunately, the tools you need to do that are mostly unavailable until Windows starts. To run Windows when you receive this error message type the following statements, each on its own line and pressing Enter after each:


This will start Windows. Now go to the Start Button and select Run. Type:


When you click Ok, it will open the System Configuration Editor with several cascading windows. Click on the window that says C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT to bring it to the front. Find the line that begins with the word PATH or SET PATH=.

If the line begins with Path= look for any space anywhere on the line and delete it. If c:\Windows is not on the list, add the following to the end of the line. Be sure to add the leading semi-colon:


There should be a semi-colon) between each item in the path. Save, exit, and reboot your computer. This time Windows should start normally.