The Screen Size is Too Small

NOTE: Due to the ever-increasing compatibility problems with newer printers and newer versions of Windows it is strongly recommended that you upgrade to one of the Windows versions of The THERAPIST. Check out the comparison page to see what is the same and what is different. You can also download a free evaluation of either The THERAPIST EZ or The THERAPIST Pro or contact customer service to free evaluation CD.

Some versions of Windows will run The THERAPIST in a windows rather than full screen. In most cases you can switch to full screen mode by pressing Alt+Enter. (Press it again to return to window mode.)

Sometimes even Alt+Enter still leaves The THERAPIST running only in the top half of the screen. There are two possible solutions and you may have to play with them until youo get something satisfactory.

Change Screen Font

When running in window mode, you can increase the size of the window first by maximizing it. This doesn't usually give the results you want. The way to fix it is to locate the shortcut you use to run the program and click it one time with the right mouse button. From the popup menu, select Properties. You should have a properties screen with tabs across the top. Select the Font tab.

This will give you several font size choices and a preview of how it will look. Larger fonts make the window bigger and smaller fonts make the window smaller. After you make a change, save it with the Ok button then run The THERAPIST. If you need to adjust if further, you can change the font for the open window by right clicking on the icon in the upper left corner of the window. If Properties is an option on the popup menu select it and change the font as before. If Properties is not a selection, you may see Font or Edit with a submenu containing Font.

Change Window Layout

Another setting that controls the window size is the layout, also found on the Property screen for the shortcut and the current window. The THERAPIST expects the window to be 80 columns by 25 rows. Change the settings to these numbers if possible.

Compaq and Other Semi-Compatibles

Compaq and a few other manufacturers have always marched to their own drummer. They modify Windows itself and often remove some of the standard Windows Accessories. They often use their own screen driver software that doesn't let you change screen sizes or fonts or even switch to full screen mode. If you have such a system, there is nothing we know that will help you.