Installing in Windows ME

NOTE: Due to the ever-increasing compatibility problems with newer printers and newer versions of Windows it is strongly recommended that you upgrade to one of the Windows versions of The THERAPIST. Check out the comparison page to see what is the same and what is different. You can also download a free evaluation of either The THERAPIST EZ or The THERAPIST Pro or contact customer service to free evaluation CD.

Computers running Windows ME no longer use the DOS configuration file, CONFIG.SYS, and may experience difficulties with DOS based programs. In The THERAPIST, this usually causes a "Too Many Open Files" error. However, there is an alternate way to accomplish the same tasks that were done in CONFIG.SYS.

Open Windows Explorer (Not Internet Explorer). This program is usually located in:

Start > Programs > Accessories

If you cannot find it there, right click the Start button and choose Explore from the popup menu.

Navigate to c:\Windows and look for the file System.ini. Double click this file to edit it.

Files of this type have groups of settings in separate sections. Each section starts with a line containing a name enclosed in square brackets. Look for the section named [386ENH]. Below that line but before the start of the next section, look for a line that starts with "PerVMFiles=" (ignore the quotes). Capitalization does not matter. If there is no such line, add a new line anywhere in this section and add the following two lines:


Save the file and close it. The change will take effect when you restart your computer.