Installing in Windows NT, 2000, or XP

NOTE: Due to the ever-increasing compatibility problems with newer printers and newer versions of Windows it is strongly recommended that you upgrade to one of the Windows versions of The THERAPIST. Check out the comparison page to see what is the same and what is different. You can also download a free evaluation of either The THERAPIST EZ or The THERAPIST Pro or contact customer service to free evaluation CD.

Users of Windows NT, 2000, and XP will need to complete a couple of extra steps when installing The THERAPIST for DOS. These versions of Windows do not use the system file CONFIG.SYS. They use CONFIG.NT instead, which is located either in the c:\WinNT\System32 or c:\Windows\System32 folder (depending on the version of Windows). You will need to manually add a couple of lines to this file. You may need to create the file first.

Open Windows Explorer (Not Internet Explorer). This program is usually located in:

Start > Programs > Accessories

If you cannot find it there, right click the Start button and choose Explore from the popup menu.

Open My Computer > Local Disk C: > Windows (or WinNT) > System32.

Look for the file CONFIG.NT. If you cannot find it in the System32 folder, highlight System32 on the left side of the screen and from the menu, choose File > New > Text Document. Name it CONFIG.NT. If you get an error doing this, you didn't look hard enough for the file initially.

Double click the CONFIG.NT file. This opens the file in Notepad. There are two lines that need to be added or changed. Look for a line beginning with FILES=. Capitalization doesn't matter. Any line starting with REM is a remark so ignore REM Files= lines.

If you cannot find it, add a new line somewhere, it doesn't matter where, and add the following text:


If the line is already present with a smaller number following the equal sign, change it to 120. If it is larger, leave it alone.

In the same manner look for a line starting with BUFFERS= and make the number following the equal sign at least 60.


Save the file and close it.

Problems with Windows NT Version 4

There seems to be a conflict between the installation program and Windows NT version 4.0. The data file CONFIG.DAT (which stores the configuration information for the data files) gets deleted after the program has you insert disk one again. The user then gets an error stating that CONFIG.DAT or THCONFIG.DAT cannot be found. The solution (and always a good idea) is to backup your data before installing or reinstalling The THERAPIST.