Memorized Services

The simplist definition of a memorized service is that it is a service template that can be used to generate real services. Actually it is much more and therein lies their power.

A memorized service has all of the important fields that real services do. When creating a service from a memorized service, whatever value a field has in a memorized service will be copied to the real service when it is created. A few fields, such as the service dates, do not have corresponding fields in memorized services. Instead they are filled from the program's working date (Tools > Working Date). The memorized service can have a procedure code and fees so that using it to create a real service can be done very quickly with no data entry at all.

A useful feature of memorized services is that you can acually have a memorized service with multiple procedures. If you typically (or occasionally) see a patient for a set combination of procedures, you can make good use of multi-procedure memorized services. When the real services are created you will get one service for each procedure entered in the memorized service. Since almost all of the memorized service fields are associated with the procedure, each real service procedure can have different settings and options. You can even specify which procedure will be the one to which a copayment will apply.

Memorized services come in two types, patient memorized services and system memorized services. Both types can have single or multiple procedures.

System Memorized Services

A system memorized service is one that is available by all patients. They are most useful when used for new patients that will not have their own patient memorized services yet. They are also valuable for commonly used procedures for which patient-specific information is not needed in the memorized service.

This points out the shortcoming of system memorized services. They know nothing about the patient for whom a service is being created so patient-specific information will be filled with default values.

You can have as many system memorized services as you wish. As a practical matter, they begin to lose some of their value when the list grows to several screens. Of course, you can make the list as tall as possible if you have many memorized services listed.

Patient Memorized Services

A patient memorized service is available for only a single patient. Because of this, it can know such things as a patient's diagnosis and which codes apply to the procedure. You can have as many patient memorized services for each patient that you wish though one or two are usually enough.

Memorizing a Service

The easiest way to create a memorized service is to open a service that has the settings you wish to memorize then press the Memorize button in the lower left of the service screen. The program will ask whether you want to create a patient or system memorized service. Once memorized, you can make any change to the memorized service you want. To get to the memorized services, click he Memorized Services button at the bottom of a patient's transactions list.

When you edit a memorized service, you can add another procedure as well as changing other settings and options. You cannot memorize multiple procedures into a single memorize service.