No Insurance On Service Money Tab

When a service is created, the program looks at the patients insurance records, if any, and determines which insurance records are active as of the date of service. To be considered active, the patient insurance record must have an eligibility date on or before the service and a termination date, if one is entered, on or after the date of service.

If the insurance record is not in place when the service is entered, that insurance will not be listed as a payer on the service's money tab. You can link new insurance that is not listed by going to the service's Misc tab and pressing the Modify Service Links button.

This button will take you to a separate window with tabs for Responsible Parties, Patient Insurance, Case Related, and Physicians. Select the Patient Insurance tab then press a Select button on the first blank insurance line. A list of insurance records for the selected patient will be presented. Select the desired insurance. Close the links window and save the service.