No Responsible Party on Money Tab

When your responsible party doesn't appear as a right side tab on a service's Money tab the first place to look is at the responsibility assignments in the responsible party record itself. You can get there by going to:

Patient List > Responsibility button > [Change] > Responsibility tab

If the Percent and Fixed Amount fields are both zero, you are telling the program that this party has no responsibility for payment of service charges. To easily set the responsibility for the patient and all responsible parties, right click on either of these two fields. Use the Financial Responsibility Worksheet to set percent and fixed amounts for each party listed. Percentages must add up to 100%. Save and close the two forms with the Ok buttons.

Now that you have the responsibilites set correctly, you need to modify the affected services. The changes you made to the responsibility above will only affect NEW services added, it will not change existing services.

  1. Edit a service which has missing an active responsible party tab and go to the Misc tab.
  2. Press the Modify Service Links button.
  3. On the Links screen, go to the Responsible Party tab.
  4. Press the Select button for the first blank responsible party. A list of all of the current patient's responsible parties will be presented. Highlight the desired party and press the Select button.
  5. Save and close the links screen by clicking the Ok button.

When you return to the service's Money tab, you will see that the responsible party tab will be available. Be sure to save the service by pressing the Ok button.