Backup Will Not Restore

If you attempt to restore a backup and it will not restore, you may have one of several problems. These generally do not report an error message.

Potential Problem 1.

You are attempting to restore a backup created by The THERAPIST For DOS rather than The THERAPIST For Windows.

To move your data from a DOS version to the Windows version you will need to use the import program rather than the restore routine. This is covered in detail in your installation guide.

Potential Problem 2.

You selected Offline Restore when trying to restore an Online Backup, or vice versa. Change to the proper restore procedure and try restoring again.

Potential Problem 3.

You do not have a complete backup set. You will need to use a different backup set to restore from.

Potential Problem 4.

Your backup set is bad. This can be caused by a number of problems, but is usually the result of a bad floppy disk. The potential for bad backups is one reason we strongly recommend a backup strategy using multiple backups.

If you experience this problem you may need to restore from a different backup.

Potential Problem 5.

When you restore either an offline or quick backup, you are asked to select the backup file to restore. If you do not do so and press the appropriate button at the bottom of the selection window, the program will wait for your selection and will not start the backup.

Potential Problem 6.

You do not have the security rights to perform the backup or restore. Talk to your system administrator.