Diagnosis Not Printing On CMS-1500

There are usually on a few reasons why a diagnosis will not print on a CMS claim. Those reasons are:

  • No diagnosis has been entered for the patient.
  • The diagnosis date does not precede the date of service.
  • The diagnosis was not entered when the service was entered.
  • No diagnosis codes are checked on the Diagnosis tab of the service.
  • Used a Patient memorized service that was memorized from an actual service in which one of the problems above caused the service to not contain a diagnosis.
  • A System memorized service (rather than a Patient memorized service) was used to create a new service. System memorized services do not contain a diagnosis for any patient.

In some cases, after correcting the entry you will be able to use the modify service links button on the Misc tab of the service to correct services. If a Patient memorized service is missing a diagnosis, you can correct it or delete it and memorize a service with a valid diagnosis.

Correcting the Problem

  1. Go to transaction list for the patient.
  2. Highlight the specific service for which the diagnosis is not printing (if there is more than one, each will have to be corrected individually).
  3. Press the Change button.
  4. Go to the Diagnosis tab.
  5. Click the button labeled "Update list to the current diagnosis"
  6. Make sure there is a check mark next to the appropriate diagnosis codes.
  7. Press Ok to save and close the service.