CMS-1500 Doesn't Print

If an CMS-1500 fail to print during a batch then check the following:

  1. Is there a diagnosis checked on the Diagnosis tab in the Service?
  2. Diagnosis date must precede the date of Service for it to appear in the Service. (If it does not appear in the Service then the Update Service Links button on the Misc tab of the Service will need to be used after the correction is made to get the Diagnosis to show in the Service.
  3. Are there Bill to Insurance and Payer Fee Charged amounts entered on the appropriate Insurance tab on the Money Tab of the Service?
  4. Is the Bill to Insurance check box on the Misc tab of the Service checked?
  5. On the Setup > Lookup Codes > Procedure codes > General tab, make sure the procedure code has the Bill to Insurance check box checked.
  6. Make sure the effective date for insurance precedes the date of service.
  7. Make sure that the insurance company is set for Printed CMS Claims. (Setup > Lookup Lists> Carriers > [Change] > Claims tab).
  8. Make sure the patient is set for printed claims. (Patient List> [Change] > Claims tab.)
  9. Make sure that the date of service falls within the time period of services set for printing. Also make sure before pressing Print that these are the right dates, (setting one date means setting both dates).
  10. Make sure that you have not entered deductible or EOB information on the Insurance tab of the Money tab in the Service. Make sure that the insurance portion of the fee has not been paid in full.
  11. Make sure that you are not using System wide Memorized Services rather than Patient Memorized Services to create Services which you want to create batch CMS claims from.
  12. Has the Service been paid in full? If so there is no reason to send a claim, and thus one is not generated.
  13. Is Patient Insurance setup to bill the carrier? Patient> Insurance button> Highlight the Carrier> Change button> Billing tab - Check box for Generate claims for services to this insurance carrier.