Responsible Party Statements

The THERAPIST has the ability to print a separate statement for the patient and each responsible party. This article may help if it is not working as you expected.

Who is a Responsible Party?

A responsible party is a person or organization who is wholly or in part responsible for paying for the non-insurance portion of services fees. Individual responsible parties are usually relatives such as a parent or spouse. Organization responsible parties are usually agencies such as Children's Services or courts. It can also be an attorney or a legal firm.

In The THERAPIST, a responsible party is never the patient nor an insurance carrier. The patient is automatically a responsible party if they are set to have any responsibility for charges. Insurance carriers are indicated through a patient's insurance.

Child patients are usually set to zero responsibility with one or both parents listed as responsible parties with their total responsible party being 100%.

Entering Services

When you enter a service you will find tabs along the right side of the Money tab screen for the patient, responsible parties, and insurance. Some of these may be diabled and not available. The patient and responsible party tabs have one field layout and the insurance tabs have another. For now we are only concerned with the patient and responsible party tabs.

If your responsible party tab is not available, see the article titled No Responsible Party on Money Tab. That article will show you how to correct the problem.

When you add a new service, the program uses the responsibility percents and fixed amounts you have previously entered to divide the non-insurance portion of the charges. Of course, you can change the calculated amounts if you wish. Be aware that if you change the amount due from one payer, you must make offsetting changes to the amounts due from other payers, whether patient, responsible parties, or insurance. See the article titled Balancing A Service.

Printing Statements

When you print statements there are several tabs of options that control both the content and appearance of the statements. The ones affecting responsible party statements are:

  • On the General tab make sure that you have the box checked for “Print a separate statement for each responsible party.”
  • On the Print Options tab remove the check mark in the “Print statements with a zero payor balance” check box. This will prevent printing statements for the patient or responsible party for whom their statement balance is zero.
  • If the "Print payments from all responsible parties" check box is checked, the statement for one responsible party will show payments from all other responsible parties. This may not be a good idea if, for example, you don't want to show the divorced parents of your child patient the payments the other has made.