CMS-1500 for a Single Patient

This article is applicable only to printed CMS-1500 claims. You cannot generate an electronic CMS-1500 print image claim for a single patient.

Printing a CMS-1500 claim for a single patient is simple.

  1. Highlight the Patient's name on the Patient List.
  2. Press the Print button on the lower left corner of the Patient List.
  3. Select CMS-1500 from the options.
  4. On the Patient tab select the patient's insurance you want to bill.
  5. If you want to mark the selected services as billed, check the Mark services as billed check box. This will prevent them from being automatically billed to the same payer on batch claims. It will also give you a record of the claim.
  6. On the Service tab, check of each service that you wish to include. Keep in mind that only six services will fit on a page.
  7. You can optionally, adjust the alignment for the print on the form. If you have done this before for the same printer, even for batch claims, you do not have to do it again here.
  8. Press the Print button to generate the claims. You will be given an option to preview the CMS claims prior to actual printing. However, the form itself will not be displayed on the preview, only the data that will be printed onto the form.