Batch Statement Rules

The following rules determine whether to print a statement for a patient and/or responsibility and which transactions to list.

Patient Selection
Skip if selecting tagged patients and patient is not tagged.
Skip if selecting by provider and patient has a different provider.
Service Selection
Skip if after the ending date.
Print if on or after the starting date.
Print if there is a payer balance due or the statement options are set to print open balance services.
Payment Selection
Skip is after the ending date.
Print insurance payment if on or after the starting date and it is from the correct payer or the payment includes anything applied what this payer owed (See Note 1).
Print patient payment if on or after the starting date and the statement option is to print other payer payments (See Note 1).
Other Transaction Selection
Skip starting balances (included in a Previous Balance line).
Skip individual interest transactions (included in lines for Previous Interest and New Interest)

Note 1: A"patient payment" is any non-insurance payment whether from the patient or a responsible party. Because statements can be generated for each responsible party, a payer refers to the patient or responsible party receiving the statement. When the patient and all responsible parties are included in a single statement, the payer can mean any or all of these.