Cannot Download the Update

There are many possible causes for an inability to download the update file.

File Not Found

For a brief period while Beaver Creek Software is putting a new update on the web, the update file will be unavailable. If you get an error indicating that the update file cannot be found, try again later.

Web Site Down

This is one we hope will never happen but we live in the real world and realize that hardware can and does fail occasionally. If this happens, be assured that we will be doing everything in our power to get the web site on-line as quickly as possible.

Virus Protection Programs

Our update is an installation program and any program downloaded from the web must be suspect in case it contains viruses or other destructive content. We are very careful that our update is free of these and we keep our virus checking software up to date.

However, we have no control of the virus checkers you may have on your computer or on the settings you are using. Some virus checking software can be set to prevent downloading any files of the types which can contain viruses or other malignant. They do this before checking for the problematic programs, they just have a blanket rule to prevent all programs (such as our update) from being downloaded. Sometimes you can tell the virus checker to be less militant about its rules but sometimes the only solution is to remove the offending program.