Mapping a Network Drive

When instaling The THERAPIST to access data across a network, sometimes it is easier to do if you first map a network drive. What "mapping a netword drive" means is to tell Windows to assign a drive letter to a folder on a remote computer. Once that is done, you can access files in the target folder using the mapped drive letter instead of the verbose network path. For example, the full network path name to a folder on the computer named "FrontOffice" on the drive labeled "My Drive C" in the path c:\Program Files\The THERAPIST\Data" would be:

\\FrontOffice\My Drive C\Program Files\The THERAPIST\Data

If you map this folder to drive letter "T" you can reference this data folder simply as T:\ and the files within it as T:\SomeFile instead of \\FrontOffice\My Drive C\Program Files\The THERAPIST\Data\SomeFile. This is obviously easier to type and to remember. Also, some software cannot use the longer form, although The THERAPIST can use either format.

Windows makes it easy to map a network drive. Just follow these steps:

1. Open Windows Explorer (right click on Start and select Explore) or My Computer.
2. From the Tools menu, select Map Network Drive.
3. Select a drive letter. Only unused letters will be available in the drop down list. There is no particular advantage to one letter over another other than as a mnemonic.

Use the Browse button to select a folder from one of your networked computers. Expand drives and folders until you find the lowest level folder you want to map to. For setting up The THERAPIST, you are usually best off selecting \Program Files\The THERAPIST rather than the Data folder below it.

5. Check the box labeled "Recconnect at logon." If you skip this step, the drive mapping will go away when you shut down your computer.

Click Finish to map the drive.

You should now be able to see your new drive letter within My Computer.