Multiple Installations

This topic discusses multiple installations of The THERAPIST on different non-networked computers. For a discussion of installing on a network, click here. Also, while you can force the installation program to install the program in different locations on the same computer, they will all refer to the same data so each additional installation is only a waste of your hard disk resources.

There are both technical and license issues that must be considered when installing The THERAPIST on more than one computer. Your license agreement allows you to run the program on one computer. If you want to run it on multiple computers, you will have to purchase additional installation licenses. These are available at a considerable discount off the price of the full program. Installation licenses can only be used if all licensed computers are using the same data, usually carrier back and forth on backup floppy disks.

To ensure that a secondary installation will run and be able to access your data, follow these steps:

  1. Make an off-line backup of both your Global and Practice data on your primary computer. If you have multiple practices, be sure to backup each of these practices. The global data and each practice each constitute a separate backup set of disks. More information about making backups can be found here.
  2. Both computers must be running the same version and maintenance release of The THERAPIST. You can see what version you are running by going to Help > About The THERAPIST. It is a good idea to be running the most recent maintenance release of your version. You can download this maintenance release by going to or by purchaseing a maintenance release CD.
  3. Using your most recent installation CD, install The THERAPIST onto your secondary computer. If your primary computer is running a version later than the one on the CD, you can download the most recent maintenance release above. NOTE, we do not maintain updates for all maintenance releases, only the most recent one for each version.
  4. DO NOT RUN THE THERAPIST ON YOUR SECONDARY COMPUTER YET. If you already did, be sure that you did not tell the program to create the first practice or you will not be able to restore data from your primary computer. If you already did this, you will have to delete the practice you added by going to File > Select or Add a Practice. Since you cannot delete the selected practice, select the Sample practice. Go back into selecting a practice and delete the practice you added.
  5. Go to the Windows Start button and select Programs (or All Programs) and look for The THERAPIST > The THERAPIST Administrator. Click this to run it. Restore your data onto the secondary computer by going to Backup > Restore Offline Backup. Restore the global data first, then each practice. For each restore, the program will ask for the last disk first. It means the last disk in the backup set you are restoring, not the last thing you backed up.
  6. Run The THERAPIST. It should ask you for a Synchronization Code. You can obtain this code from customer service. You have ten days to obtain the code. We need information from your registration on the new computer so be sure to fax or mail this form using the directions on the form itself. To print the form, go to Setup > Preferences > Program Preferences > Registered Owner tab and click the Print Registration Form button.

NOTE: Only those who have legitimate secondary installations will be provided with synchronization codes.

IMPORTANT! When you have The THERAPIST installed on multiple computers, it is important that each installation is running the same version and release. Otherwise one of your installations may not run.