New Practice Wizard Not Active

At the bottom of the list of practices is the new practice wizard button. If this button is gray and not available, it means that you have already added the number of practices you purchased. Sometimes this happens inadvertantly the first time you go into the program.

To solve the problem, you have two choices: either purchase another practice or delete one, usually an empty or blank one, from the list.

To delete a practice follow these steps.

  1. On The THERAPIST's File menu, go to Select or Add a Practice.
  2. Select the Sample Practice if it is not already the selected practice. Selecting the practice will close the list. If necessary go back to the practices list.
  3. Next, highlight the practice you want to delete. DO NOT hit the select button.
  4. Click on the delete button. Follow the on screen instructions to delete the practice.

NOTE: The sample practice is a limited data set and should not be used for real data.

NOTE: You cannot delete the Sample Practice.