How Do I use the Intake Forms?

To expedite inputting information for new patients The THERAPIST installs four versions of an intake form for you to use. These forms correspond with the program's data input screens making data input easier. You can modify the form to meet the specific needs of your office.

Four versions of a new intake form are included. The forms themselves are the same, only the file format is different. They are installed to a Forms folder within the Data folder, usually:

c:\Program Files\The THERAPIST\Data\Forms

The four form files are:

Intake Form.rtf Generic Rich Text Format (RTF) document
Intake Form (WordPad).rtf Rich Text Format (RTF) document formatted with Windows' WordPad
Intake Form (MS Word).doc Microsoft Word for Windows (version 2.0 and later) document
Intake Form (WordPerfect).doc WordPerfect for Windows (version 5.0 and later) document

You can open the appropriate form in your word processor or editor of your choice. The form for Microsoft Word is also usable with Microsoft Works. The generic document can be used with most word processors not listed above.

IMPORTANT! If you make changes to these forms, save them as a new name or in a different folder or they will be overwritten next time you install an upgrade to The THERAPIST.