Will The THERAPIST Run on a Macintosh?

Ths simple answer is No. The THERAPIST was designed to run on computers running Microsoft Windows operating systems. However there are a couple of programs available that will allow The THERAPIST to run on a Macintosh.

Virtual PC

Microsoft Virtual PC for Mac is a software product that will let you run Windows programs, including The THERAPIST on an Apple Macintosh. Virtual PC is available from a variety of sources.

Some older versions of Virtual PC, formerly sold by Connectrix, will also work.

SoftWindows 98

SoftWindows 98 works similarly to Virtual PC except that it specifically emulates Windows 98 on a Macintosh. That's fine for tunnning The THERAPIST but may not run some other, newer, Windows programs. SoftWindows, AKA RealPC was purchased by FWB Software and has been discontinued though their web site still lists it as a purchasable product. It is also available on the Amazon.com web site.

Because of its questionable status, we cannot recommend SoftWindows or RealPC.