Does The THERAPIST Come With Technical Support?

When you purchase The THERAPIST, you get 60 days of free technical support. Your 60 days begins with your first support call, fax, or email.

After your 60 days of free support have expired, you can purchase support by the call, you can purchase an annual support agreement, or you can purchase blocks of calls at a discounted price. Check the Price List for current support prices.

To purchase annual support or blocks of calls, you must have purchased or upgraded to the most current version of The THERAPIST.

No Charge Support

In the following instances, there is no charge (nor are prepurchased blocks debited) for support calls. Please also read the section below on returned calls.

  • Repeat calls needed to resolve an issue.
  • The only purpose of the call is to report a bug in The THERAPIST.
  • The only issue raised during a call turns out to be a bug in The THERAPIST.  This determination is made by Beaver Creek Software.

Returned Calls

When telephone technical support is not available, you can leave a message and someone will return your call according to the following:

  • If you have an active yearly support agreement, your call will be returned without charge.
  • If you do not have an active yearly support agreement, there will be a $5 charged to return your call even if the call would otherwise be free.
  • When there are multiple call-back messages waiting, customers with an active yearly support agreement will be called first.