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The Beaverlog Tips email newsletter has been published since January, 2003 corresponding to release 2.0.007 of The THERAPIST for Windows. Through release 2.0.018, there has been an almost 1 to 1 relationship between product releases and Beaverlog Tips volumes. Volume 8 never happened (don't ask) and volume 9 (corresponding to 2.0.009) was the first to contain a useful article.

Things changed with volume 18 corresponding to the release of 2.0.018. With The THERAPIST being split into two products (Pro and EZ), the newsletter now has less focus on listing the changes for each new release. Actually, the changes are no longer listed at all and are replaced with links to the change lists for Pro and for EZ on this web site. We removed the version changes from newsletters here and suggest you click here if you want to see what was fixed or improved in each version and release.

Some of the information in the articles may be outdated; this is, after all, an archive.

Newsletter Contents
Announcement 7/5/2014 It's Hard to Say Goodbye
Volume 74 11/23/2014 Pro Release Available
The Time Has Come (the Walrus said)
Upgrade Sale Ends on Wednesday
Technical Support Closed This Week
New Superbill in The THERAPIST Pro 3
Volume 73 11/1/2014 Pro Release Available
November Madness
Taxonomy Codes on the CMS-1500
Getting to Know You (Notify us of your staff changes)
Volume 72 10/6/2014 Pro Release Available
When Your Program is Locked
Reinstalling on a New Computer
Volume 71 9/20/2014 New Pro 3 and EZ 2.6 Releases Available
Processing Credit Card Payments
Volume 70 9/8/2014 New Pro 3 Release Available
Intelligent Mail Bar Codes in Pro 3.0
Volume 69 7/29/2014 New Pro 3 Release Available
Remote Control Support
The New "Money" Tab in Pro 3.0
Volume 68 7/2/2014 New Pro 3 Release Available
Tip: Viewing Messages in the Message Log
Filling Box 32 in Pro 3.0
Volume 67 6/16/2014 New Releases Available
Process Credit Card Payments
RIP Windows XP
Memorized Services in Pro 3.0
Volume 66 1/6/2014 New Release Available
Taxonomy Codes on the CMS-1500
Tip: Periods in Diagnosis Codes
Tip: Reporting Error Messages
The THERAPIST EZ 2.6 Diagnosis Issue
Technical Support Issues
New Support Email Addresses
Volume 65 1/6/2014 Update Announcements
Volume 64 1/6/2014 The THERAPIST Pro 3.0 Announcement
DSM-5, ICD-9, and ICD-10
Volume 63 1/6/2014 Updates and Upgrades
DSM-5, ICD-9, and ICD-10 Revisited
Volume 62 1/6/2014 The THERAPIST Pro 3.0 News
New CMS-1500 Form
DSM5, ICD-9, and ICD-10
Volume 61 6/3/2013 The THERAPIST Pro 2.5.042 Now Available
As well as patches for Aeris Basic and The THERAPIST EZ
Volume 60 12/27/2012 2013 Codes Module Now Available
Procedure Code Conversion Utility
Holiday Schedule
The THERAPIST Pro 3.0 Update
Volume 59 11/30/2012 Holiday Schedule
The THERAPIST Pro 3.0 Progress Report
Tips of the Day
Volume 58 8/30/2012 The THERAPIST Pro 3.0 Progress Report
Appointment Reminder Services - Take 2
Tip: Make Your Own Training Videos
Tip: Reinstalling Aeris Basic or The THERAPIST
Tip: Updates are Cumulative
Volume 57 6/29/2012 What's Happening with The THERAPIST Pro 3.0?
Appointment Reminder Services
Network Attached Storage Devices
Volume 56 4/17/2012 The THERAPIST Pro 3.0 Progress Report
What Local Search Means For Your Private Practice
Volume 55 2/29/2012 Guest Article
Marketing Your Private Practice Online
Tip: Using the Working Date
Volume 54 12/23/2011 Offline Backup Tip
Volume 53 11/30/2011 The THERAPIST Pro 2.5.036 Now Available
ICD-10 Reminder
Volume 52 11/23/2011 Deadline Extended
Frequently Asked Questions
Volume 51 11/8/2011 Price Changes and Opportunities
5010 Update
Volume 50 9/22/2011 Sneak Peak at The THERAPIST Pro 3.0
Standards Update (X12 5010, ICD-10, DMS-5)
Buying a New Computer
Tip: Substitution Codes
Volume 49 8/31/2010 Flash Drive Backup Strategy
Causes of Data File Corruption
Tip: Using the Working Date
Volume 48 3/22/2010 Deleting System Users
Tip: Installing on 64-bit Vista and Windows 7
Backup Errors
Volume 47 1/27/2010 Customize Your Main Screen
Backups, the Good, the Bad, and the Secure
Volume 46 12/9/2009 Printing to PDF
Notify BCS of Staff Changes
Tip: Removing USB Flash Drives
Reinstalling onto Windows Vista or Windows 7
Special Offers
Volume 45 7/30/2009 Automatic Workstation Upgrades
Beaver Creek Software on Facebook
Tip: Upgrading Your Computers
Tip: Restoring Data Onto a New Computer
McAfee Antivirus Software
Volume 44 4/28/2009 Upgrading to Windows Vista
64-Bit Windows
QuickBooks Export: RIP
Volume 43 3/12/2009 Login Security
Tip: Diagnosis on Claims
Tip: Backing Up to Flash Drives
Volume 42 7/3/2008 Insurance Claim Provider IDs
Tip: Changing Tabs Using the Keyboard
Technical Support Ended for The THERAPIST 2.0
Volume 41 3/20/2008 Add Memory for Faster Statements
Volume 40 2/15/2008 Refunds, Bounced Checks, and Chargebacks
Why is The THERAPIST Slower on a Network than Word or Excel?
Volume 39 11/1/2007 Horror Stories Wanted
Who Are You Submitting To?
Old HCFA-1500 Going Away
Great Prices on CMS-1500 Forms
National Do Not Call Registry
Volume 38 10/22/2007 Support Ended for Version 1.0
Clearinghouses Looking Better and Better
Give Support a Jingle (new Jing software from TechSmith)
Sleuthing a Bug
Volume 37 8/30/2007 Windows Vista Compatibility
Smile Reminder
Save Time Setting Up New Practices
Availity and THIN Follow-Up
Volume 36 5/23/2007 THIN and Availity Redux
Sending Results to Adobe Acrobat Files
Volume 35 2/28/2007 More Changes in the CMS-1500 Claim Form
THIN and Availity
Windows Vista
Volume 34 12/8/2006 New CMS-1500 Claim Form
X12 Claim Specifications vs Payer Companion Documents
Provider NPI Reminder
Volume 33 7/25/2006 Provider NPI - The Deadline Approaches
Quick and Easy Backups on Thumb Drives
New CMS-1500 Claim Form Reminder
Consultant Woes
Volume 32 6/13/2006 Encrypting Your Data
The THERAPIST Pro 3.0 Ideas Wanted
New CMS-1500 Claim Form
Easter Egg Revealed
Instant Messaging with Customer Service and Technical Support
Volume 31 2/22/2006 Tips and Tricks
    - Window Sizes and Positions
    - Turning Messages On or Off
    - Report Page Images
    - Easter Egg
Volume 30 1/6/2006 2006 Codes Module Now Available
TheTHERAPIST and HIPAA Security Rule
Volume 29 11/28/2005 We're Not Spam!
Security Issues Followup
Using Windows Explorer
Volume 28 9/9/2005 The THERAPIST Pro Classroom Instruction
Security Issues
Volume 27 8/22/2005 Window Sizes and Positions
Volume 26 6/14/2005 Zero a Patient Account
National Provider ID Update
Volume 25 5/20/2005 Backing Up to a CD in Windows XP
Volume 24 5/11/2005 Tip: Tricks With the Report Previewer
New Charge for Returned Support Calls
Automatic Updates on CD
Volume 23 3/10/2005 User-Modifiable Reports
Tip: Menu Speed Keys in Windows XP
Volume 22 1/5/2005 2005 Procedure and Diagnosis Codes
Using Substitute Procedure and Diagnosis Codes
Tip: Switch Tabs Using the Keyboard
Volume 21 11/29/2004 Rebilling Services On Insurance Claims
Volume 20 8/19/2004 Space Still Available for The THERAPIST Classroom Instruction
Volume 19 7/12/2004 The THERAPIST Pro Classroom Instruction
Electronic Insurance Claims
Volume 18 6/4/2004 The THERAPIST EZ and The THERAPIST Pro
HCFA-1500 Box 32: New Medicare Requirements
Easy Update
Volume 17 4/20/2004 Redesigned Web Site
Volume 16 11/19/2003 Trials and Tribulations of HIPAA Claim Testing
Volume 15 9/2/2003 Income Reports Revisited
Volume 14 7/15/2003 Income Reports
Volume 13 6/23/2003 Security Issues in The THERAPIST
Volume 12 5/13/2003 New Technical Support Representative
Volume 11 4/11/2003 HIPAA Compliance in The THERAPIST for Windows
Volume 10 4/8/2003 Prepayments and Overpayments
Volume 9 2/27/2003 Backing Up Your Data