Beaverlog Tips: Volume 24 - May 11, 2005

Tip: Tricks With the Report Previewer

Printing Multiple Copies

To print multiple copies of reports, preview the report, enter the number of copies to print in the previewer tool bar, then click print.

Printing Selected Pages

Another benefit to using the previewer is that you can print only selected pages. There are two ways to do this. To print just one page, select the page you want to print then click the print 1 button (the printer with a number 1). To print a group of selected pages, in the box for Pages to Print, replace the word All with a range (3-11), individual page numbers (3,4,7,9), or a combination (5-8, 11, 13-15). When you click the print button only your selected pages should be printed.


New Charge for Returned Support Calls

A couple of months ago, we changed our policy on returning calls from messages left for technical support. Previously, we returned the calls with the call charges reversed (collect calls). Because of the high charges for collect calls, we changed our policy to charge a fixed amount of $5.00 whenever you ask us to call you back and we actually reach you by phone. We waive the $5.00 charge for customers with an active annual support agreement.


Automatic Updates on CD

There are many reasons why you might want maintenance updates on CD rather than downloading them while upgrades, unlike maintenance updates, are available only on CD. Beaver Creek Software offers two programs that make sure CDs are sent to you to keep The THERAPIST you up to date.

Automatic Update Program

When you sign up for the automatic update program, you give us a credit card number and tell us what updates or upgrades you want us to send you. You can specify any combination of maintenance updates and paid upgrades. Due to the relative frequency of maintenance updates, you can also let us know how often you want them. Your choices are periodic (monthly or quarterly) or as soon as available. The periodic selections will send a maximum of one update or upgrade during the selected period. We will bill your card for each update or upgrade sent at the current price minus 10%. So long as you remain in the program, you get a 10% discount on all upgrades and updates.

Premier Support

The Premier Support program combines unlimited free annual support with all updates and upgrades issued during the year at no additional charge. As an added bonus, we waive the normal $5.00 charge for returned support calls for all annual support customers.