Beaverlog Tips:  Volume 46 - December 9, 2009

Printing to PDF

Adobe Acrobat® is a program and a file format for creating documents that can be read on any computer. The program, Adobe Acrobat Reader, is free to download and install and versions are available for almost all kinds of computers and many hand-held devices including some cell phones. Because of the ubiquity of devices able to read and display Acrobat documents, it is the preferred format for many documents on the Internet. Many government forms, for example, are available for download in Acrobat format. Also, Acrobat format is used by electronic book readers.

Acrobat files have the file name extension PDF. This is the last three characters of the file name after the final period. PDF is an acronym for Portable Document Format. Many people refer to Acrobat documents as PDF documents, but whatever name you use, they refer to the same thing. The rest of this article will refer to Acrobat documents as PDF documents and use Acrobat to refer to the program.

There is another Adobe Acrobat program and that is the one that creates PDF files and it is available at various prices depending on capabilities. If you have upwards of a few hundred of dollars to spend, they are terrific programs. We use Acrobat Professional (along with Microsoft Word, Snagit, and other graphics programs) to create our product manuals and installation guides.

One of the capabilities of the Adobe Acrobat programs is that they also show up as a printer in Windows. This means that any program that can print, can create PDF documents. Fortunately for the budget minded, there are several free alternatives that offer comparable print to PDF capabilities. As mentioned above, we use Acrobat on one of our computers but also use PrimoPDF, one of the free alternatives on the others. The free programs don't offer all of the features but they do have the most common and useful ones and, oh, by the way, they are free.

Here is a list of some of the free alternatives and where you can go to download them. The list is not complete but should get you started.

PDF Printer
PDF Print Driver

Another list of free PDF Print programs can be found here.

Notify BCS of Staff Changes

When you change staff, contact Beaver Creek Software and let us know who is new and who is gone. This can prevent some misunderstandings and difficulties later on. I can hear the response to this sentence already. Why should we tell you when we have a staff change?  That's a good question and I hope I have an equally good answer.

Here at Beaver Creek Software, we do our best to protect your interests and part of doing that is not to make changes to your account that you do not authorize. We won't provide technical support or even customer service beyond the basics to someone claiming to represent your practice but who is not on your contact list.

Here are some examples that illustrate situations that could happen (and actually have happened).

Remy calls to order an upgrade. She is not on your list so we ask to speak to you before proceeding. If we went ahead and sold her the upgrade and she wasn't affiliated with your practice, not only would she be getting a full copy of the program at the upgrade price, but you would no longer be eligible for the upgrade price.

Here's another example.

Sylvia calls for technical support and tells us to charge whatever credit card was last used. If the she is not on the list of people allowed to make support calls, we won't help her and we won't charge your card.

And one more for good measure.

Joe calls us claiming to be from your office. He says he doesn't remember his password to get into the program. If Joe is on the list we will help him. However, if he is not on your list, we don't know whether he is someone who legitimately should have this access or someone who has made an illegal copy of your data for whatever nefarious purpose he might have.

NOTE:  When someone who has forgotten their password contacts us, we do not (and cannot) give them their forgotten password.  Instead, they are taken through a process to change their password.  When this happens, we notify the registered licensee by postal mail so you can follow up with the user if necessary.

Tip:  Removing USB Flash Drives

Flash drives are those little devices you can stick into a USB port and use as if it was a hard disk on your computer. They are ideal for making backups and transferring files from computer to computer. However, it is very important to remember to click the Safely Remove Hardware icon in the Windows System Tray and select the drive letter corresponding to the flash drive. Then wait until Windows gives you the message that it is safe to remove. If you don't follow these steps, it is possible to corrupt whatever files or backups you stored on the drive.

A common variation on the flash drive is the U3 flash drive. U3 is a standard for allowing programs to run from flash drives. When you insert a U3 flash drive into your computer, it usually creates 2 drive letters but only one is usable. It also puts its own icon in the System Tray and you should use this one rather than the standard Windows one before unplugging the flash drive.

Reinstalling onto Windows Vista or Windows 7

If you purchase a new computer or upgrade your operating system, be aware that your old installation CD may not be compatible with these newer operating systems. For installation compatibility, be sure you have at least one of the versions below:

The THERAPIST Pro 2.5.029
The THERAPIST EZ 2.5.017
Aeris Basic 1.0.005

It doesn't work to install from an older CD then update to one of the above versions, the installation program itself must be from at least the version above to install properly.

Special Offers

Beaver Creek Software has partnered with a couple of other companies to bring you some special offers.

With the exponential growth of the internet, every therapist should have a website describing their practice and you can with We have negotiated a special offer with that lets you receive your first month FREE. specializes in developing and maintaining websites for mental health professionals.  The sites are professional, affordable, and effective.  All you pay is a monthly hosting fee of $59 per month with no long-term contracts.  They deliver credit card processing, appointment requests, search engine optimization, and more - it's all included.

Attracting new clients and generating more revenue is easy with TherapySites. If you visit this site and provide promo code "PromoBCS", you will receive one month of free service with TherapySites. is a site where potential clients can go to find a therapist. It is ranked as one of the leading mental health organizations and therapist referral sources on the web. offers 30-units of new continuing education teleconferences and videoconferences to all therapist members of annually, at no extra cost. Additionally, they offer a large archive of recorded continuing education events in the member's area available with CE certificates. This is a value of over $700 offered to all Members at no extra cost.