Beaverlog Tips:  Volume 51 - November 4, 2011

Price Changes and Opportunities

The release of The THERAPIST Pro 3.0 is expected (though not guaranteed) during the first quarter of 2012. In anticipation of this release, we are announcing a major overhaul of our price list. Whether you are a user of The THERAPIST Pro, The THERAPIST EZ, or something else at least some of these changes may affect you.

The prices for technical support and some upgrades were increased as of November 1, 2011 but the rest of the price changes don't go into effect until December 1, 2011. By delaying the price changes for almost a month, we are giving you the chance for some significant savings. The prices in the list below are for purchasing or upgrading to The THERAPIST Pro 2.5 but will not change for 3.0. To get the best deals, you just have to know how to work the discounts. Read on.

Notice that add-on prices are also increasing so now is the best time to order the Case Manager or additional network users, practices, and installations (wow, the price of installations will be doubling!). It's not such a good time to order the Appointment Scheduler because that will be a standard, built-in feature in 3.0. The new prices for practices, network users, and installations will also apply to The THERAPIST EZ and Aeris Basic so order now to save on these add-ons.

But Wiat, There's More!

Any upgrade to The THERAPIST Pro 3.0 that skips an intermediate upgrade to 2.5 and is purchased from now until Pro 3.0 is officially released gets an additional $50 off. So, for example, if you have The THERAPIST EZ and want to upgrade to Pro, you can wait until December and get Pro 2.5 and the price will be $599. If you do it before December 1, 2011, the price will be only $399. But that's not all; if you tell us to forget about 2.5 and go straight to 3.0 when it comes out, that $399 becomes $349 before December 1 and $449 after.

If you purchased The THERAPIST Pro 2.5 from January through September of this year, the normal upgrade price is $199 but by upgrading early, you get it for just $149. If you have The THERAPIST Pro 2.5 purchased before 2011, you can save $50 by ordering before December 1, 2011. Oh, what the heck; we'll give you the $50 off if you order any time before 3.0 is released.

Double Down with Premiere Suppot

For a real double-whammy, try this: A Premier Support agreement is $700 and includes all upgrades (that's right, it includes 3.0 and all of the maintenance updates that are sure to come out) for the year plus a year of unlimited technicall support. With a single support call now $50 (what? when did that happen?), Pro users will be getting a $449 upgrade ($399 before December 1) plus a full year of technical support.

If you already have a premier support agreement, you can renew early at the old price so long as the agreement expires within six months of when you order. This amazing deal goes away on the day The THERAPIST Pro 3.0 is released. Sure, you can wait but we don't know what that release date will be. If you wait too long, you'll lose the deal.

New Competitive Upgrade

We've added a new competitive upgrade to our price list. What is it? It's a way for therapy practices to dump their old software and move to The THERAPIST and get a discount in the process. If you know someone who is using one of our competitors and has had it with yearly maintenance fees and other outrageous policies and fees, tell them about this new discount. All they need to do to get it is to send us one of the following: the cover page (not the front cover) of their software manual, their original installation CD, or their original invoice/receipt showing the product purchased.

Referral Finders Fee

We're not forgetting you in the deals either. If you refer a new customer who purchases The THERAPIST Pro, EZ, or Aeris Basic and they identify you as the referral source, we'll send you $50. That's right, we appreciate our loyal customers and will reward you with cash, well a check anyway. We'll send it to you when we send the new customer their permanent access code, a couple of months after the actual purchase.

Prices Effective December 1, 2011

Product Current Dec. 1


$799 $899
Upgrade from The THERAPIST Pro 2.5 $399 $449
Upgrade from The THERAPIST Pro 2.5 purchased 10/1/2011 or later Free Free
Upgrade from The THERAPIST Pro 2.5 purchased 1/1/2011 - 9/30/2011 $199 $199
Upgrade from The THERAPIST EZ $399 $549
Upgrade from The THERAPIST EZ purchased 1/1/2011 or later $399 $499
Upgrade from The THERAPIST for Windows 2.0 $399 $599
Upgrade from The THERAPIST for Windows 1.0 $499 $599

Upgrade from The THERAPIST for DOS version 4.x

$499 $799

Upgrade from The THERAPIST for DOS version 3.x

$599 $799

Upgrade from The THERAPIST for DOS version 2.x

$699 $799

Upgrade from Aeris Basic version 1.x

$449 $699

Maintenance Upgrade CD (Free to download)

$20 $30

Competitive Upgrade (1st page of manual, CD, or receipt/invoice required)

N/A $799
Appointment Scheduler (for The THERAPIST Pro) $150 Included
Appointment Scheduler (for The THERAPIST EZ) $150 $150
Case Manager $200 $250
Case Manager additional for each added practice $75 $100
Additional practice (each for the first 5 added) $150 $200
Additional practice (each for the second 5 added) $100 $150
Additional practice (each after 10 added) $50 $100
Additional installation $150 $300
Network User $150 $200
Codes Module $100 $100
Codes Module (for each added installation and network user) $20 $30
Codes Module upgrade to the current year $60 $60
Codes Module upgrade (for each added installation and network user) $20 $30

Prices That Changed November 1, 2011

Product Previous Nov. 1
Upgrade from The THERAPIST EZ $299 $399
Upgrade from The THERAPIST for Windows 2.0 $299 $399
Upgrade from The THERAPIST for Windows 1.0 $399 $499
Technical support call (any medium) $30 $50
Technical support block of 3 calls ($46.67 per call) $80 $140
Technical support block of 5 calls ($45.00 per call) $125 $225
Technical support 1 year standard (unlimited support) $300 $400
Technical support 1 year premier (unlimited support plus all upgrades) $600 $700
Technical support 1 year - additional support contact $100 $100

5010 Update

The THERAPIST Pro 3.0 will support the new ANSI X12 5010A1 claim format Unfortunately, it has become clear to us that we won't make the January 1, 2012 deadline for 5010 claims. As an interim measure, we will shortly be releasing a 5010 claim generator that will work with The THERAPIST Pro 2.5. So if you are sending X12 claims now, you will be ready for testing and production of 5010 in time. There's just one catch. It's only going to be available to those who pre-order the upgrade to The THERAPIST Pro 3.0. When you order, we'll send you the 2.5 version of the 5010 claim generator as soon as it's ready and it is very close to completion right now. We need to do just a little more work and some testing and it will be ready. We're trying to get it out before Thanksgiving so the programming staff can take a couple of days off for the holiday.