Beaverlog Tips:  Volume 52 - November 23, 2011

Deadline Extended

Due to heavy demand, the December 1, 2011 date for new the prices to go into effect and for getting the discount on the upgrade to The THERAPIST Pro 3.0 is being extended for a little over a week. The new prices will now go into effect on December 10. That's on a Saturday when we are not open just to make it clear that orders through Friday, December 9 will continue to be at the old prices. The same date applies to the early-bird discount on pre-orders of The THERAPIST Pro 3.0 upgrade.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since the Beaverlog Tips newsletter came out a couple of weeks ago, we've had a lot of calls.  That newsletter announced the upcoming upgrade to The THERAPIST Pro 3.0 and some price increases.  While many of the calls we received were pre-orders for the upgrade, there we also a lot of questions.  So many questions, in fact, that we decided to put together another newsletter to answer those most frequently asked.

What will be included in The THERAPIST Pro 3.0?

There is a huge list of changes being made to The THERAPIST.  Many of them are minor, cosmetic, or technical but many others will add or expand important features of the program.  We don't have a final list because the upgrade has not been completed but here are some key improvements:

Appointment Scheduler
The Appointment Scheduler, formerly an added-cost module, is now a standard part of the program.
The Appointment Scheduler now lets you schedule other resources in addition to providers.
The Appointment Scheduler displays as many providers on the screen as you choose.
Ready for ICD-10 Diagnosis
The THERAPIST Pro 3.0 is ready for the changeover to ICD-10 on October 1, 2013. The actual conversion of patient diagnoses from ICD-9 codes to ICD-10 codes will be part of the Codes Module for 2013.
X12 5010 Electronic Claims
The THERAPIST includes the ability to generate industry standard HIPAA electronic claims in the new version 5010A1 format.
Single Patient Electronic Claims
You can now select a single patient and specific services for an electronic claim.
HIPAA Disclosures
The THERAPIST can now track details of releases of protected health information, i.e. when you have shared any patient-related information with another person or entity.
Patient Communications/Contacts
You can now track patient contacts and communications that are outside the treatment setting. This allows you to keep records of telephone calls, emails, etc. It also includes contacts made on behalf of the patient with other providers, insurance companies, etc.
Screen Fonts and Sizes
You can now set the font, size and style to your personal preference. The preferences are saved separately for each windows login user.
Online Help
The program includes context-sensitive online help accessible from the Help menu or from the F1 key from anywhere in the program.
Spell Checking
Long text and notes fields now include spell-checking.
Rich Text Notes
Notes fields now allow you to format the text (bullets, numbered lists, indents, fonts, etc.).
Simplified Interface
Many operations and settings in The THERAPIST that required you go through many levels or steps are now easier to get to and have fewer steps.
Security Auditing
The THERAPIST now tracks security-related events such as failed attempts to login.
Data Change Auditing
The THERAPIST's ability to record additions, changes, and deletions to data has been greatly expanded. Changes and deletions now record all field values changed or deleted. In addition, many more files are now monitored for changes.

Will I have to learn a whole new program?

No, almost all of the overall strcuture of The THERAPIST Pro 3.0 will be the same as in earlier versions. Many of the more cumbersome operations have been streamlined and screens have been re-arranged to make them more logical and easier to use. The Appointment Calendar is all new but uses an intuitive interface similar to Microsoft Outlook.

Will The THERAPIST Pro 3.0 accept all of my existing data?

Yes. Some little-used fields that were used in obsolete claim formats have gone away but everything important will transfer from what you have to the new data.

I purchase Pro a couple of months ago, why do I have to pay for an upgrade?

If you purchased or upgraded to The THERAPIST Pro on or after October 1, 2011, your upgrade is free and will be sent to you automatically when it is ready. If you purchased or upgraded to The THERAPIST Pro earlier in 2011, the upgrade is basically half price ($199 instead of $399). If you order before December 1, 2011, knock another $50 off the price so it is $149. If you bought The THERAPIST Pro before January 1, 2011, the upgrade price is $449 but drops to $399 if you purchase the upgrade before December 1, 2011.

The larger question, however, is "why do you have to pay for an upgrade?" Well, there are two answers to that. One is that Tiny Tim needs new shoes, okay, maybe that should be that we need to make a living too. The other is that you are getting a new program and that writing it takes time, skill, and knowledge and that costs money.

The last newsletter said the discount lasts until Pro 3.0 is released. Why do you keep talking about December 1?

The $50 discount that lasts until The THERAPIT Pro 3.0 is released, rather than on December 1, 2011, is for customers who purchased The THERAPIST Pro 2.5 between January 1, 2011 and September 30, 2011. If your purchase of or upgrade to The THERAPIST Pro 2.5 was before January 1, 2011, then December 1, 2011 is your deadline to get the discount.

I bought Pro 2.5 several years ago. What's the best deal I can get on the upgrade?

The absolute best deal is to purchase the Premier Support Agreement for $700. You not only will get the upgrade to Pro 3.0 ($399 to $449) but you get a year of unlimited technical support for up to two users, all maintenance releases for the year sent to you on CD (you don't have to download), plus one free data analysis (useful should your data ever become corrupted). Premier support customers also get called back first when they have to leave a message for tech support.

If $700 is a bit steep for you right now, the best deal is to purchase the upgrade before December 1, 2011.

Do I have to upgrade?

No, of course that is your choice. Unlike many of our competitors, we don't force you to pay a yearly fee (usually more than our infrequenty charge to upgrade) and we won't immediately cut you off from technical support and maintenance updates. Of course, maintenance updates on discontinued versions (i.e. The THERAPIST Pro 2.5) will probably be few and limited to correcting problems. Technical support availability will continue on The THERAPIST Pro 2.5 for two years after the release of 3.0. The program itself will continue to operate as it always has, there is no built-in expiration once you have entered your access code.

I have an evaluation copy now, what happens if I buy The THERAPIST Pro 2.5?

If you purchase The THERAPIST Pro 2.5 before December 1, 2011, the price is still $799. That jumps to $899 on December 1. In either case, your upgrade to The THERAPIST Pro 3.0 will be free.

I have purchased add-on options for The THERAPIST Pro 2.5. Do I have to buy them again?

No, any options you purchased for The THERAPIST Pro 2.5 (or 1.0, 2.0, or even EZ or Aeris Basic), will be carried forward to The THERAPIST Pro 3.0.

Do I need the 5010 upgrade?

First of all, the 5010 mandate on January 1, 2012 applies only to electronic insurance claims and only claims submitted in the X12 format. If you are submitting paper claims or submitting electronic claims through a clearinghouse and using the CMS-1500 print image format, the conversion to X12 version 5010 will not affect you. You can keep on doing what you are doing now and your clearinghouse, if submitting electonically, will be responsible for the conversion.

However, if you are submitting claims directly to payers, or using a payer-owned clearinghouse such as Availity, or if you want to do either of these in the future, then you will have to use the new format for your claims beginning January 1, 2012. Alas, The THERAPIST Pro 3.0 will not be ready by that deadline so we are releasing very soon, a 5010 claims generator for The THERAPIST Pro 2.5. This generator will be available only to those of you who pre-order the upgrade to 3.0 or who have premiere support agreements. It is also available to a few other special cases (you know who you are).

Will The THERAPIST Pro 3.0 include the ICD-10 codes?

No, The THERAPIST Pro 3.0 will be capable of handling the ICD-10 codes which are in a slightly different format than the ICD-9 codes. The codes themselves will be part of the Codes Module for 2013 in plenty of time for the change-over to ICD-10 on October 1, 2013. The 2013 Codes Module will work with the then-current versions of Aeris Basic, The THERAPIST EZ, and The THERAPIST Pro. By "then-current" we mean that it will work with The THERAPIST Pro 3.0 but not 2.5, 2.0, or 1.0. Iif you have The THERAPIST Pro 2.5 or earlier and you don't want to have to manually change all of your patient's diagnosis codes from ICD-9 to ICD-10, you need to upgrade to 3.0.

Are there upgrades for The THERAPIST EZ or Aeris Basic?

The latest update for The THERAPIST EZ was 2.5.023 and the update is a free download from our web site. For Aeris Basic, the latest version is 1.0.009 and is also free to download. No paid upgrades of either of these are planned for the near future, or until well after The THERAPIST Pro 3.0 comes out.

Are prices changing for The THERAPIST EZ or Aeris Basic?

At this time, we are planning no price changes until major upgrades of these products are available. Some of the add-ons for The THERAPIST EZ (additional practices, network users, and installations) are going up on December 1 but the programs themselves are staying at their respective prices for now.