Beaverlog Tips:  Volume 54 - December 23, 2011

The THERAPIST Pro 2.5.037 Available

The 2.5.037 update to The THERAPIST Pro contains a lot of changes since the last update, most of them having to do with the ANSI X12 5010A1 claims generator. If you are using or testing 5010 claims, this is a really important update.

Offline Backup Tip

Here's a tip for getting the most bang for your buck when making offline backups. Purchase three USB flash drives and label them 1, 2, and 3. On sale, you can find the 4GB drives for about five bucks. On each of these drives, create ten folders numbered 1 through 10. Now, when you make an offline backup, start with flash drive 1 and put the backup in folder number 1. Next time, use flash drive number 2 and put the backup in folder number 1. The third backup, you guessed it, goes on flash drive number 3 in folder 1. The fourth backup is back on flash drive number 1 but in folder number 2. Continue through the drives and folders until you have backed up to drive number 3 in folder number 10. With the next backup, start over with drive number 1 in folder number 1.

With this scheme, you will have the last 30 backups to go back to in case something goes wrong. To help keep track of where each backup is supposed to go, we've prepared a form where you can record the date of the backup by the drive and folder where it is stored. You can download and print the form from