Beaverlog Tips:  Volume 58 - June 30, 2012

The THERAPIST Pro 3.0 Progress Report

We haven't posted much about our progress on The THERAPIST Pro 3.0. Although we figured it would be better to spend the time working on the program itself, we know it is important to keep our customers updated. Unfortunately, even though we have made a lot of progress, the parts of the program that have been getting worked on are not the ones with the flashy screens we can show you. Nonetheless, we plan to put some things up soon (sorry, not today).

You can give us feedback via phone and email or on our Facebook page. If you don't use Facebook see the progress report page on our web site at

Appointment Reminder Services - Take 2

If you have a large or growing practice you can save money, perhaps a lot of it, and time (which equates to money of you pay someone to do it) buy using an appointment reminder service. These services contact your clients and remind them about upcoming appointments. They can use a variety of methods to contact people such as telephone, email, text messages. The method(s) used are up to you and what information you give them.

The THERAPIST Pro and EZ appointment scheduler can export a file with all the information needed. Pretty much all you have to do is enter appointments normally and then select a menu option to export the data. Oh, and you need to sign up with a service. There are two services we know that are supported by The THERAPIST and they are listed below. Check out their web site (the names are links) or give them a call. Just be sure when you sign up to tell them that you are using The THERAPIST from Beaver Creek Software and they will know what to do.

  ClientTell 877-244-9178
  DoctorConnect 972-503-0717

Tip: Make Your Own Training Videos

When you run an office you have evolved a set of procedures and processes that work for you. Many of these processes involve using a computer and these can be some of the more complex and difficult to teach to new people. There are tools out there, many of them free and easy to use that let you capture what you do in a video format along with your accompanying narrative. We use such a tool to make training videos for our software and have researched the various tools for the job. While there are many programs out there, the ones from TechSmith stand out:

Jing is a free program that lets you record videos of up to 5 minutes each. This is perfect for capturing a single task of a group of related short tasks. You can then make them available to your staff whenever and wherever they are by uploading the videos to TechSmith's or other video sharing sites. On these sites, you can even protect your videos so that others cannot see them.
Primarily a tool to capture static images from the screen, you can also record videos with audio and save them locally, put them on CD or DVD, or upload them to or other video sharing sites. Snagit is available for under $50 and we use SnagIt to capture the images for our documentation and technical support uses it for the occasional impromptu video to show a customer how to do some particular task.
The king of screen recording and editing professional quality videos, this $299 program has it all. It is the one we have chosen for making our own training videos. You can make videos for large screens or small ones such as smart phones. Of course, you can also upload them to the make them available everywhere.

In case you were wondering, the only relationship we have with Techsmith is as a very happy customer. If you want to see other options, just do an online search for "screen recorder", there are lots of options to explore. No matter what you may choose, making videos to document your office procedures is a terrific, fun way to train new employees and provide a way for current employees to refresh their knowledge.

Tip: Reinstalling Aeris Basic or The THERAPIST

Almost daily and sometimes several times a day, we hear from a customer who wants to move Aeris Basic or The THERAPIST to a new computer and has questions about how to do it. To make your life easier, we have put together some documents you can download that give you step-by-step instructions. There is one document for each product:


Each is a 2-page Adobe Acrobat® document. If a consultant or computer retailer is doing the move for you, you can print the document or email it to them. It can save you a lot of time and effort if you do it the right way the first time.

Tip: Updates are Cumulative

It seems that many people think that, if they have not updated each time we have a new release, that they have to install every release up to the most current. That is not the case. Every update includes all the changes in all the privious releases so, for example, if you were on The THERAPIST Pro 2.5.027, the only update you need is the most recent one. As a matter of fact, the earlier updates are not even available once we have a new release.