Beaverlog Tips:  Volume 60 - December 27, 2012

2013 Codes Module Now Available

We have just released the Codes Module for 2013. This update includes the new CPT codes you will need for dates of service starting January 1, 2013 (but who wants to work on January 1). If you have previously purchased the Codes Module, the update is $60 (add $30 for each additional installation or network user you have purchased). If this is a new purchase, it is $100 with the same additions for installations and network users.

The update is valid for The THERAPIST for WIndows (1.009 or later) and all versions of The THERAPIST Pro, The THERAPIST EZ, and Aeris Basic.

You can download the installation from either of the following addresses:

If you prefer, you can get it on CD for an additional $10. In either case, you will need an unlock code to install the codes so call customer service at 800-895-3344 from 9:00am to 5:00pm Pacific time Monday through Friday except holidays.

Procedure Code Conversion Utility

If you use memorized services, have we got a treat for you! With big changes in procedure codes for services in 2013, you can get the new procedure codes with the above Codes Module. However, adding the new codes to the list is only half of the job. You still have to edit all of those memorized services that use the old codes. Well, for those of you who have purchased the 2013 Codes Module (yes, it's only for this select group), we have come to your rescue.

Now available for download is a utility program that will convert the procedure codes in memorized services (the ones you use to create new, real services). It is a simple utility. You enter a list of codes you want to convert from and the new codes to convert to. Then you select the practice or practices you want to convert. Then you click a button and the utility merrily processes the data and voila! All the memorized services with codes matching your list will be changed. And it does it amazingly fast. If you leave to get a cup of coffee, it will probably be finished before you leave your chair.

This utility is for The THERAPIST Pro 2.5.025 and later and for The THERAPIST EZ 2.5.018 and later only. Earlier versions should update to the current releases before using this utility.

Holiday Schedule

Beaver Creek Software will be closed on December 31, and January 1 for the New Year holiday. If you want to make any purchases in the 2012 tax year, you have only 1 day, Friday, December 28. Happy New Year!

The THERAPIST Pro 3.0 Update

There are plenty of new and improved features and capabilities in The THERAPIST Pro 3.0 but there is also a small list of things that are going away.


The old HCFA-1500, both printed and electronic versions, will no longer be available. Don't panic, you are almost certainly using the newer CMS-1500 format so you will probably not even notice that the old format is gone. Along with the demise of the old claim form, several fields used only on this form will also disappear. This is actually a really good thing because it means slightly fewer fields you have to pay attention to and slightly simpler screens that used to include these fields.

NSF Electronic Claims

This claim format is a dinosaur that still hangs around with scattered support from a few clearinghouses. The format doesn't include such important things as provider NPI numbers although it does try to fudge it somewhat. Like the HCFA-1500 claim form, the NSF is history and along with it go the many data fields that were used only to support this format.

X12 4010A1

Like the two claim formats above, the 4010A1 version of the X12 format will not be part of Pro 3. While some clearinghouses still support it, the number grows smaller and smaller. While revolutionary when it first came out along with HIPAA, it had its problems. The biggest problems from the point of view of claim submitters (you), is that too much of it was ambiguous. Payers made the most of this ambiguity to reject claims for what were often picky and rediculous reasons. The new 5010A1 version, while not perfect (you wouldn't believe how many times we've slapped ourselves on the forehead over stupid things we discovered while writing the 5010 generator in Pro 3), it is still a big improvement over 4010.

QuickBooks® Export

When planning what Pro 3 would be, we took a long and hard look at the QuickBooks export feature. We knew it was broken in 2.5 and were faced with the task of fixing it or making it go away. The problems with the current export revolved around the need to track and export every possible addition, change, and deletion of payments. This simple statement belies a formidable complexity and re-writing it would be a daunting task. Our decision was that it would be better to live with the ire from the miniscule number of customers who used it than to pay the time penalty to make it work the way it should.

There are other things going away by these are the notable ones. The rest, for the most part, are fields that are seldom, if ever, used and not needed for any other function in the program.