Beaverlog Tips:  Volume 65 - March 31, 2014

Update Announcements

New releases are now available for several of our products.

Aeris Basic 2.0.001

Several issues with the initial release of version 2.0 have been corrected. The issue with insurance payments always showing up as active payments has been fixed. So has the issue with diagnosis codes and diagnosis code pointers on the new CMS-1500 dated 02-12. Click here for a complete list of changes. If you have already upgraded to version 2.0, you can download the update by going to:

The THERAPIST EZ 2.6.001

A couple of issues have cropped up in version 2.6 that have now been fixed in 2.6.001. The main one that was causing problems was the diagnosis code pointers in box 24e on the new CMS-1500. These pointers were being printed as numbers rather than letters. This has been corrected. The full list of changes is available here and the update is available from

The THERAPIST Pro 2.5.044

Because of issues people have been having with The THERAPIST Pro 3.0, many of you are continuing to use version 2.5 until we get these issues fixed. However with the switchover to the new CMS-1500 form, that is a problem because version 2.5 didn't support the new CMS-1500 form. Well, that is no longer an issue, at least for those who have purchased version 3.0. This new release of version 2.5.044 includes the new claim form for both printed and electronic claims.

Some may ask why they should purchase 3.0 if the new form is available in 2.5. Frankly, it is because we want everyone to upgrade to version 3.0. A few years ago, when work was beginning on version 3.0, we decided that we would not add any new features to version 2.5; updates would only be bug fixes. All new features would be in the new version. The claim form was added only to ease the pressure on those who upgraded 3.0 so that is the group for whom the feature will be enabled.

You can download 2.5.044 from

If you don't want to purchase the upgrade to 3.0 but do want to be able to use the new CMS-1500, you can purchase that feature as an add-on. The price of the add-on is the same as the upgrade to 3.0 ($449) and, as a bonus, we will give you 3.0 for free.


We are still working our way through the many problems people have reported to us. This release addresses several, though not yet all, of the reported issues. You can see the list of changes here and can download the installation program at