Beaverlog Tips:  Volume 68 - July 2, 2014

New Pro 3 Release Available

A new release is now available for The THERAPIST Pro 3.0. This release mostly corrects problems reported to us as well as those we discovered ourselves. Notable among them are:

  • Importing from backups (Pro 2.5 and earlier)
  • Diagnosis codes not printing in CMS-1500 box 21
  • Selecting authorizations on services

In addition, there are a few changes and new features. One of these you will have to pay attention to immediately.

Secure Password Options

The THERAPIST Pro 3 includes an option to require that users have strong passwords. If that option is enabled in the Program Preferences, administrators can additionally require a minimum length, both upper and lower case letters, at least one numeric digit, and at least one punctuation or other non-alphanumeric character. One other condition that is not optional is that, when strong passwords are enabled, passwords are case-sensitive. That means that PASSWORD is not the same as password, PassWord, or any other capitalization. By the way, by default the password for the ADMIN login is all upper case.

The "gotcha" is that when data was imported from version 2.5 and earlier, the strong password option was enabled by default. While that is no longer the case (no pun intended), as of version, many of you will have to start using case-sensitive passwords or turn this option off.

You can download the update to here. But before you install it, you might want to go into your program preferences (Setup > Preferences > Program Preferences) and check out the strong password options on the Security tab.

Tip: Viewing Messages in the Message Log

The THERAPIST and Aeris Basic have a useful but little-known feature that can help when a problem occurs, when communicating with technical support, or when trying to figure out who did what and when. This feature is the message log that keeps a record of almost every message presented to users. These can be error messages, status messages, informational messages, etc. To view these messages, you have to be in the Support Information program. The easiest way to get there is to go to the Help menu and select About The THERAPIST or About Aeris Basic. Look for a button at the bottom labeled Message Log. Clicking this button will show you the messages in the order they were displayed. The THERAPIST Pro 3 shows them with the most recent at the bottom. All of the others list the most recent at the top. Click the button in the lower left or double-click a message to see the selected message details.

Filling Box 32 in Pro 3.0

The THERAPIST Pro 3.0 uses a slightly different set of rules to determine what prints in box 32 on the CMS-1500 than was used by The THERAPIST Pro 2.5 but both start with an option in the carrier record.

How it Worked in Version 2.5

There is a check box on the CMS-1500 tab of the carrier record labeled "Force service provider name and practice address into box 32." Checking this box does exactly what it says, it puts the service provider name on the first line and the practice address below it. The NPI and secondary ID from the practice. When checked, it affects all claims to this carrier.

If the box in the carrier record is not checked, the program looks at the patient's case record where the user can either select a facility from the master facility list, or enter the facility information for just that case. The NPI and secondary ID are also obtained from either the facility list or entered on the case.

How it works in Version 3.0

The facility selection is on the Claims tab of the carrier record and is in a box labeled "Force Override facility for CMS-1500 Box 32 and Electronic Claims." There are now three choices, "No Override", "This Practice", and "Select facility" (this last selection is labeled "Other" in versions before 3.0.007).

The "This Practice" selection is like having the check box in 2.5 checked and the program will use the service provider and the address and ID numbers from the practice.

The "No Override" selection is like in 2.5 when the carrier box is not checked. In both cases, the facility selection passes to whatever is selected in the patients case. There are three choices for facility in the patient's case record in 3.0 versus two in 2.5. In 2.5, you could either select a facility or enter one (or leave it blank). In 3.0, you still have those two choices but you can also choose to use the service provider and practice address, just like in the carrier record.

The "Select facility" selection enables a drop-list where you can select a particular facility to place in all claims to this carrier. If the facility you want it not on the list, you can click the small button to the right of the drop-list. This opens the master facility list where you can add or change (or even delete) facilities.