Beaverlog Tips:  Volume 69 - July 29, 2014

New Pro 3 Release Available

A new release is now available for The THERAPIST Pro 3.0. A brief description of the changes for each program is listed below and the update downloads are available here.

It's always hard to decide which of the changes and corrections to describe here in the "brief description" of the changes. What's important to one is often of no interest to another. So we always have to guess what the most significant changes are and this time, there are a couple. One is that the X12 5010A1 electronic claims, which really didn't work before, now do. Another is that the Case Manager, even the portion that is available without the add-on, had major problems. We're happy to report that it's very smooth now. Click here for the complete list of changes.

Remote Control Support

Technical support can now accept requests to remotely connect to your computer in order to more quickly and efficiently resolve problems. This also means that we can easily show you how to do something you or your staff is having problems with. It uses a secure connection so that your data privacy is not compromised. Plus, the connection is controlled by you when you give us a one-time password to make the connection. Once we are done (and either side can terminate the session), we cannot connect again unless you give us a new login and password. We've been testing the system on a limited basis and have been quite pleased with how it works.

There are some requirements that have to be met for it to work:

  1. We must have a signed Business Associate Agreement with you. The agreement, awaiting your information and signature, is available from the Help menu in The THERAPIST and Aeris Basic.
  2. You must have a fast internet connection. Dial-up (who uses that any more?) doesn't work.
  3. You should be prepared to supply a credit card for the $25 charge. This charge is in addition to whatever other charges apply to the call. The charge also applies to those with a standard support agreement and those who are using a prepaid support call.

PLEASE NOTE: The $25 charge does not apply to those with an active Premier Support Agreement or those within their free support period.

Remember, this is an option, not a requirement; you will never be required to use it. This goes for us as well; our technical support representative can choose not to connect remotely even if it is requested.

The New "Money" Tab in Pro 3.0

Services in The THERAPIST Pro 3.0, as in earlier versions, put all of the financial fields on a tab labeled "Money". In the earlier versions, there was another set of tabs on the Money tab and each of the tabs was for a possible payer: the patient plus up to 3 responsible parties and up to 3 insurance payers. The amounts owed and paid and any discounts or write-offs for each payer were on their own tab. These tabs stick out to the right and tabs with no corresponding payer were disabled.

That worked okay so long as you didn't need to add or change a payer on a service; for example, if you added new patient insurance but did it after entering a service that should have listed that insurance payer. Then you had to go through a somewhat complex process of connecting the new insurance to the existing service.

Now, in The THERAPIST Pro 3.0, it is so much simpler. Instead of the payer tabs sticking out to the right, there is a list of payers in the same screen location on the right as the tabs. Click on a payer to see the financial fields for that payer. By default, the payer list shows payers who have a fee due or some other payer field filled or checked. With this arrangement, if you add a new insurance after entering the service, the new insurance payer may or may not be listed but, if it is not, simply check the box below the payer list to "Show all payers". Then fill out the appropriate amount fields. For insurance payers, don't forget to check the "Bill to insurance" check box or the service will not be included in batch claims to this insurance.

There are a coupld of other nice things on the new Money tab. One is the payment list. When you highlight a payer, not only does the program show you the financial fields in the center of the screen, it also shows you the individual payments from that payer. For insurance payers, you can also see a list with the dates of claims that have been sent to the selected payer.

Another thing you may have overlooked are those buttons with the green arrow-like icon next to many of the fields. These buttons calculate the most likely amount of the associated field. It's not always correct but, more often than not, it saves you from typing the amount.