Beaverlog Tips:  Volume 70 - September 8, 2014

New Pro 3 Release Available

A new release is now available for The THERAPIST Pro 3.0. A brief description of the changes for each program is listed below. Downloads for all of our products are available here.

Intelligent Mail Bar Codes in Pro 3.0

The THERAPIST Pro 2.5 used POSTNET bar codes on statement addresses and mailing labels. These bar codes have been discontinued by the US Post Office and replaced with the new Intelligent Mail (IM) bar codes. While the two bar codes look somewhat similar, closer inspection shows obvious differences. The requirements to use IM bar codes are also very different. The old bar codes contained only information about the delivery address (street number and zip code) and anyone could use them on any mail piece. The newer IM bar codes include not only destination information but also information about the sender and the type of mail service being requested. The new information comes in the form of a Mailer ID and, optionally, a Service Type code.

Mailer ID

The Mailer ID is free and easy to obtain from the web site via a simple application process. We did it ourselves both to test the process and to be able to use the new IM bar codes. Go to the following web site to apply:

Service Type Code

A Service Type code is typically used for bulk mailing when there are many pieces to mail, usually a lot more than a normal run of patient statements. The code indicates such things as the type of piece you are mailing, the class of service (first class, etc.), and what kind of address correction service you want (and are willing to pay for). You can find tables of Service Type codes in the following document:

This document can be confusing unless you are very familiar with ins and outs of bulk mail and we recommend that you do not use a Service Type code. Of course, if you are sending out thousands of statements at a time and know what you are doing with respect to bulk mail, go for it.

Using the Bar Codes

Once you have your Mailer ID and, perhaps, a Service Type code, you can enter them in The THERAPIST by going to:

Setup > Preferences > Program Preferences

Then go to the Mailing tab. If a valid Mailer ID has been entered, the new bar codes will appear about the remittance and destination addresses on patient statements. Bar codes can be up to about 2.8" in width and 0.25" in height including the spacing below the bar code and start of the name and address.