Beaverlog Tips:  Volume 74 - November 23, 2014

New Pro 3.0 Release Available

A new release is now available for The THERAPIST Pro 3.0. Links to downloads for all of our products are available here. This update has some important fixes and a few new features. The full list of problems that have been corrected and other changes can be found here.

The Time Has Come (the Walrus said)

Sorry, no cabbages and kings but if you have been waiting to upgrade to The THERAPIST Pro 3.0 or you have upgraded but have been waiting for the green flag to convert your data and switch over to the new program, that time has arrived. While there are still a few minor glitches in 3.0 that we are ironing out, the program is stable and has a lot of things that will make your work flow smoother.

If you converted data earlier but continued using 2.5, you can import your data again. Just run 3.0, go to File > Select or Add a Practice and delete the practice you imported before. Then import the data again either from that same screen or by going to Tools > Import Data.

One of the many important changes in release ready is the User Guide. It's not complete (currently it's 119 pages) but it is growing almost daily. Unlike the manuals for version 2.5 and before, this one is much more oriented toward how to do things rather than simply explaining what is on each screen, although we've got that covered as well. The new User Guide is also designed to be read on the screen and is laid out in landscape mode to more closely match the shape of computer monitors. That way you can see an entire page on a screen and still have readable font sizes. If you just want to see the new User Guide, click here.

Upgrade Sale Ends on Wednesday

Because of where the Thanksgiving holiday falls this month, the last chance you will have to order the upgrade will be 4:59pm Pacific time on Wednsday, November 26. Don't call at 5:01, nobody will answer.

Technical Support Closed This Week

There is no telephone technical support this week or on Monday, December 1. We will be back on the phones on Tuesday, December 2. We will be answering emails as much as we can but family time comes first. Please don't call customer service (the 800 number) looking for technical support.

New Superbill in The THERAPIST Pro 3

The THERAPIST Pro 3.0 has a new report, the patient superbill. This is a single-patient report listing diagnosis and procedure codes. A provider can take this into the session and check off the diagnosis and procedure codes for the session and hand this to the patient for them to get reimbursement from their insurance company.

The THERAPIST's Superbill is extremely flexible. You can select which procedure codes and diagnosis codes to appear on the bill and modify the description that will print along side the code. You can even create categories of procedure and diagnosis codes and the codes will be grouped by your categories. There are several options for what to show on the bill and it also plays nice with color printers.

To print one, select a patient on the patient list and click Superbill on the right side command bar. Check out all the options and print one. We think you will like it.