Transferring Data From One Computer To Another

Your license agreement lets you install The THERAPIST on one computer. You must have purchased a secondary installation license in order to run the program on multiple non-networked computers. The license does not allow unlimited installations. If you have questions please call customer service at (800) 895-3344 and give them the particulars of what you want to do.

Secondary Installations

Secondary installations refer to separate non-network installations of The THERAPIST on stand-alone computers. Network installation is discussed in your Installation Guide and in a related article on network user licenses.

It is important that all installations of The THERAPIST sharing data are running the exact same version of the program. You are inviting problems and possible data corruption if this is not so. If you have updated your original installation with a downloaded update, update this new installation as well. The latest maintenance release is always available on this web site. Be aware that the latest update may be newer than what you have installed on your primary computer.

First install The THERAPIST on the secondary computer and ensure that it is the same version as the original. Your installation guide provides detailed instructions on this process. The first time you run the newly installed program you will be asked for an installation key code. You will save yourself some headaches if you use the same keycode you used on your primary installation. If you no longer have this code, you can call customer service at (800) 895-3344 to obtain it.

Be sure to print the registration form when asked. Before mailing or faxing the registration form, write clearly on the form a name you choose to identify this computer. If this computer is a replacement for a licensed installation write “replacement computer.” If you have multiple licensed installations, indicate on the form which computer this one is replacing.

Before you transfer data to this new computer, it will ask whether you want to create the first practice. Be sure to answer No to this question or you will not be able to restore the data from your primary computer .If you have inadvertently added an empty practice on the new computer you can delete it before restoring.

Finally, to transfer your data from the primary to a secondary computer, you should make two backups from the primary computer: a global data backup and a practice data backup. On the new computer, restore first the global data then the practice data. When both backups have been restored, close The THERAPIST then run it again. The program will ask for a Synchronization Code and gives you ten days in which to obtain one. If the program asks instead for an Access Code, you have not restored the data properly.

To obtain your Synchronization Code, contact customer service at (800) 895-3344. They will need the registration form from your new installation in order to generate this code for you. If you have not sent in the form, you can fax it to (541) 752-5221.