Statements for Employee Assistance Programs

The THERAPIST does not directly support billing an EAP with a statement. However, you have some choices on how to generate bills. The first is to enter the EAP as a Carrier and bill them with either printed or electronic insurance claims. For many, this is an ideal solution. However, it doesn't meet the needs of every practice. It requires entering each actual patient into your program and this can be overkill in some situations.

A second way to bill EAPs is to enter the EAP as the responsible party for the affected patients. The EAP should be set to have 100% responsibility unless you also collect a copayment or coinsurance payment from the patient.

Yet another way to do it is to enter the EAP as the patient, specifying that it is a family rather than an individual. When a service is entered, use the comment line on the General tab of the Service to enter the Patient Name or Employee Number (if you want confidentiality on statements). This information will now print on statements.