Reinstalling The THERAPIST

In general, you should never need to reinstall The THERAPIST. The problems created by reinstalling almost always outweigh the perceived benefit. However, there are a few situations where it might be necessary.

  • Your computer had a virus
  • You have reformatted your hard disk
  • Your hard disk drive died
  • You replace your computer
  • You are instructed to do so by technical support

Reinstalling because you are getting an error is seldom a good reason to reinstall.

There are both technical and license issues that must be considered when reinstalling on the same computer or installing The THERAPIST on another computer. Your license agreement allows you to run the program on one computer. If you want to run it on multiple computers, you will have to purchase additional installation licenses. If you are merely replacing one computer for another, there is not charge. Contact customer service at (800) 895-3344 for assistance.

When data backed up from one installation is restored to another, the program will sense this and will ask for a code to synchronize the two installations. You have ten days to obtain the code for the second computer before the program refuses to run. If you need a synchronization code, contact customer service.

Reinstallation Instructions

If you absolutely must reinstall The THERAPIST, following these instructions will make the process easier.

1. Do an offline backup of both your practice and global data on the existing computer. If this is not possible, you may lose data, at lease data entered since your last complete backup.
2. Install The THERAPIST from your latest installation CD. DO NOT RUN THE PROGRAM YET!
3. Download tha latest release of the program from our web site and run the downloaded update installation program to bring your installation to the latest maintenance release. If you are running The THERAPIST on mutiple computers, be sure to update all of your computers with the same version.

Unless you are reinstalling over an existing copy of The THERAPIST with the data already in place, restore your data using the separate backup and restore program. This is accessible from:

Start > Programs > The THERAPIST > Backup & Restore

Restore your global data to the new installation. Then restore your practice data. Be sure to do the global data first.

5. Run The THERAPIST. It may ask for a synchronization code. Call the customer service at (800) 895-3344 for your code.

Print and send a registration form from the new installation. To print the form, go to:

Setup > Preferences > Program Preferences > Registered Owner tab

Press the Print Registration Form button.

You can mail the form or fax it to (541) 752-5221.