File Access Error 47

Error 47 indicates that a data file has a different structure than the program expects. It is usually the result of trying to run an older version of the program on data from a newer version. This most frequently happens when one updates The THERAPIST the web and subsequently reinstall the program from an old CD. The error will occur after restoring data from a backup made using the updated version of the program.

This is actually a good error. Rather than converting your data back to an older version and possibly losing information in the process, it gives you the error which is usually easy to correct by updating to the most recent release.

To avoid getting this error, make sure that when you backup and restore, you are running the same version and maintenance release of the program on both computers.

To correct the problem, install the latest maintenance release of the program on all of your computers running The THERAPIST.

If that does not correct the problem, download the Upg.tps file and save it in the program's data folder, usually found in:

c:\Program Files\The THERAPIST\Data

Be sure The THERAPIST program is closed when you do this.

WARNING: If you uninstall and reinstall The THERAPIST, you may change your support ID. This chance will make your existing access codes unusable until the new installation is synchronized with the old. Always send us a new registration form if you must reinstall The THERAPIST so that we can give you the proper codes to synchronize your installations.