Aging Reports Do Not Match


Amounts on the Claims Aging and Patient Aging reports do not match.


It is not valid to compare the Claims Aging and Patient Aging reports with the expectation that they agree in any financial sense. The Patient Aging financial report provides a snapshot of what is currently owed on the patient's account. Additionally, it breaks down the combined patient and responsible party amounts due into the following aged categories:

30 days past due
60 days past due
90 days past due
120 days or more past due

Amounts due from insurance (all insurance payers for the patient combined) are listed on the Patient Aging report in a single combined column. The values on this report may, optionally, be recalculated as of a particular date. Otherwise the values as of the last statement are used.

The Claims Aging report is an analysis report, not a financial report. This is significant. This report is designed to give you an idea of how long payers take to pay on claims. A report option lets you show the same service multiple times if the claim was sent multiple times. Another option allows you to NOT report on claims for which a payment or an EOB has been received. The Claims Aging report is based on claims generated and its aging is based on the claim dates and has no direct relationship to insurance amounts owed on a patient's account.