Technical Support Policy

Free Support

When you purchase The THERAPIST program or an upgrade, you are given a limited number of days of free technical support.

The THERAPIST Purchase

When you purchase The THERAPIST, you are given 60 "floating" days of free support. Floating days means that your 60 days begins with your first call, fax, or email. Floating support must begin within one year of your purchase or it will expire.

The THERAPIST Upgrades

When you purchase a major or minor upgrade to The THERAPIST, you are given 30 days of free technical support. The free support begins the day your upgrade is shipped with an allowance for the time it takes to reach you. Your 30 days will not be added to unstarted initial purchase support. No free support is provided with maintenance release upgrades of or any add-on modules to any product.

For technical support, upgrades from the DOS version of The THERAPIST to any Windows version is treated like a new purchase and includes 60 days support beginning with your first call.

If you have any unused block calls, support will not be counted against the block until your free support days have passed.

Free Web Support

Our web site has answers to the many commonly asked support question. There is no charge to using web based support.

Purchasing Support

After your free support has expired you have three technical support options:

  1. You can purchase technical support when you call. This includes fax and email "calls." You will need a Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit card number and expiration date to give to the technician. See the price list for current prices.
  2. You can save money by purchasing a block of calls in advance. You must be running the current version of The THERAPIST to purchase blocks of calls. See the price list for current prices.
  3. If you make more frequent use of technical support, you can save even more with an annual support contract. With the Standard plan, you have access to an unlimited number of technical support calls for the year. With the Premier support plan, it includes a year of unlimited support plus all upgrades for the year on CD. You must be running the current version of The THERAPIST to purchase either the Standard or Premier support contract. See the price list for current prices.

NOTE:  Fax and email support contacts are considered to be support calls and the same charges will apply.

Repeated Calls

If your issue requires multiple calls to resolve, you will only be charged for the first call. If the issue was raised during your period of free support, you will not be charged for subsequent calls on the same issue. If other, unrelated issues are rasied on subsequent calls, you will be charged for a call based on the other issues.

Issues which are inactive for 30 days are considered to be resolved.

Support Contacts

If you have purchased annual support, you are allowed to designate one person in your organization who is authorizaed to contact technical support. You can add more support contacts for an additional charge. See the price list for current prices.

If you are using free technical support or are paying for support by the call, you may designate two persons in your organization who are authorizaed to contact technical support.

You are allowed to change your support contacts up to two times per year.

Unsolved Issues

If technical support is unable to resolve your issue, you will not be charged for the call. If, in our judgement, your call included multiple significant and separate issues, resolution of any of these issues is justification for charging for the call.

Support Availability

Technical support is available Monday through Friday except holidays according to the following schedule in the Pacific time zone:

  • 8:00am-12:30pm
  • 1:30pm to 5:00pm

If your call arrives when we are helping another customer, you can leave a message.

Return Calls

Please call during our regular support hours. If you must leave a message for technical support to call you:

  • Please leave your customer number as well as your telephone number.
  • We will return your call as soon as possible at no charge.
  • We will make one attempt to return your call or leave a message.
  • Support messages left on our toll-free customer service line will NOT be returned.


Live support (via telephone, email, or fax) is no longer available for The THERAPIST for DOS. Limited support is available on the web site.


Support policies and prices are subject to change without notice.